Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cookies for Miranda

*Devika humming quietly as she puts away dishes*

Devika: Hey you! No touching! Those cookies are for Miranda.

Birdie: GAH! You DO have eyes in the back of your head! Sheesh!

Birdie: Besides, it's a well known fact that Miranda hates Christmas, so she's going to hate Christmas cookies too.

Devika: She may hate Christmas.

Devika: But NO ONE hates Christmas cookies!

*knocking on door*

Birdie: Well, there's your Christmas hater now. It's a pretty sad waste of Christmas cookies, if you ask me.

Devika: Oh, Birdie. Have some of the ladybug cookies on the counter instead. They're tasty too.

Birdie: Ah... alone at last. Don't worry, little Christmas cookies, I'll save you.

Devika: Here, take your coat off. Oh! And see the tree? We decorated it just last night.

Miranda: Yep. Wow. Magical.

*girls upstairs giggling and laughing*

Miranda: What are the girls doing up there?

Devika: Dunno, but it sounds like they're having fun. Fahren had a friend over. I'm sure they're all just playing nicely.

Devika: So... I know you hate Christmas, but how do you feel about yummy Christmas cookies?

Miranda: Hate 'em. They make my mouth itch. Maybe I'm allergic to Christmas cheer or something. Why?

Devika: Well, I uh... um.... oh! Well good! Because I didn't make Christmas cookies! Just fooling! Ha. Um...

Devika: Instead I made you these delicious ladybug cookies. No ladybug allergies, right?

Miranda: Nope, sounds wonderful.

Miranda: So what did you want to see me about anyway? Misha said you wanted me to come visit right away.

Devika: Since when do I have to have a reason to want to see my best friend? *nervous giggle*

(meanwhile, back at Miranda and Misha's house)

Misha: Thanks for your help, Lon. I couldn't have gotten this done so quickly without you. Devika's promised to keep Miri there until dark, but we're going to be done in plenty of time anyway!

Lon: Uh, no problem. But doesn't Miranda HATE Christmas? Is she really going to like this?

Misha: Nah, no one REALLY hates Christmas. I think she's going to be so happy and surprised when she gets home!

Lon: Well, I do think she'll be surprised....

(*later that evening*)

Miranda: Christmas lights. On my house. ON MY HOUSE!!! Imgonnakillthatfox!!!

Miranda: Grrrrrrrrr. Christmas.