Friday, December 04, 2009

Winter Wonderland

(Quiet barking and mewing as Baxter and Meowzart play in the living room)

*knock on the door*

Misha: (from upstairs) MIRI! Someone's at the door!

Miranda: Yeah, yeah. I'm on it.

Miranda: It's probably the FAA, coming to complain about all the lights on my house blinding their pilots!

Misha: *snort*

Miranda: Oh, hey, Vee. Come on in.

Devika: Hi Miri!

Devika: Did you get one of these fliers for the Winter Wonderland?

Miranda: Hmm... doesn't look familiar.

Miranda: I'm pretty sure I'd remember trashing something that festive.

Devika: Well, it just opened tonight! It's very exciting! Clara's is open extended hours, so I thought we could go and see the Winter Wonderland and then go get some cocoa at Clara's!

Miranda: Nah, I've got important chair warming to do here at home.

Devika: Aww, come on, Miri. Why not come along? Might get you into the "Christmas Spirit" a little?

Miranda: "Christmas Spirit?" Oh really? Which "Christmas Spirit" would that be?

Miranda: Would that be the "Trample people to get the stupid, cheap toy that your kid just HAS to have on Christmas day but will have forgotten by January 1st" spirit?

Miranda: Oh, or would it be the "run up all your credit cards so you can buy presents for people you don't even TALK to the rest of the year, just so that you can be better than your neighbors" spirit?

Miranda: THAT kind of Christmas Spirit?

Devika: Um....

Devika: So, that'd be a "no" then?

Misha: I'll go with you, Vee! It sounds great!

Devika: Oh! Teriffic!

Devika: Is that okay with you, Miranda?

Misha: Aww, come on, Miri. You should come along too.

Miranda: No thanks. It'll be great to be in the house without anyone wandering around, compulsively humming "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".

Misha: Suit yourself, Ms. Grumpy-Pants. We're going to have to buy a barbecue grill so we can use all the coal you're going to be getting from Santa.

Miranda: Whatever.

Devika: (from outside) So you know where it is?

Misha: (outside too) Yeah! It's set up right by Clara's! We can't miss it.

Miranda: "Winter Wonderland", hu. It's probably two strings of lights and some poor schmuck dressed up as Santa. *snort*

Devika: OH WOW! Oh Misha! LOOK!

Misha: Wow...