Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Lights and Pixies Pt 1

Devika: Hi, Wendy.

Wendy: Hey, Vee.

Devika: Wendy, I wanted to introduce you to two of my dearest friends. They're in town for the holidays. This is Saoirse (seer-sha).

Saoirse: Hi.

Devika: And this is Andara.

Andara: You can call me Andy.

Wendy: Good to meet you both. I remember seeing you at the Unbirthday Party.

Devika: Well, they're a little bored right now. We were going to play some board games, but we can't seem to find Taelyn to make four players. He's been hiding out evern since Andara got here, because he's....

Devika:... got a terrible crush on her. Had it for years really.

Wendy: Awww...

Devika: They didn't want to play games anyway. They really, really wanted to go see Christmas lights.

Saoirse and Andara: (nodding)

Wendy: Hey! I was just leaving to go see Christmas lights with my parents. Why, I was just telling Trygve... wait a minute...

Devika: WOW! What a fortunate coincidence! Have fun seeing Christmas lights you guys! Byeeeee!

Wendy: Um... okay... so you guys might want jackets or something. It's a little chilly at night...

To be continued....

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