Friday, December 22, 2006

Mercy for the Hawk - Lenore

Nessa: Thank you for taking a look at Lenore, Thorne. Is she all right? Please let her be all right.

Thorne: The child is fine, Nessa. A bit bored. There's absolutely no reason to keep her on bedrest. I'm not sure why you are. She collapsed, yes... but...

Nessa: That was big magic she did, Thorne. She shouldn't have been able to bring him through with her. I was afraid that she'd hurt herself, when she fainted.

Thorne: Shouldn't have because the bracelet was not capable, or shouldn't have because you didn't teach her how?

Nessa: The bracelet is built the same as mine. I just haven't taught her how to bring others with her using it. She shouldn't have been able to bring SPOT, much less the boy. Where IS the boy? You didn't leave him alone, did you?

Thorne: No, Syrinx is with him. Trying to get a read on him while he's unconscious. She's the most powerful medium we have, so she has the best chance at telling us who he is. As far as Lenore goes, has she ever heard YOU use the bracelet to transport more than just yourself?

Nessa: Well, yes. Once. I used it to get her and I out of a bad place.

Thorne: Little pitchers have big ears, Nessa. That little one is a listener, and she hears many things. I'm not surprised that she's learned magic listening to you. As far as hurting herself goes, she's been exposed to fairy magic almost since her birth. I can see no reason why she'd suffer ill effects from being around it now.

Thorne: Your little changeling is growing up, Nessa. Perhaps she's ready for more magic and experience than you've given her.

Nessa: I'm not sure _I'M_ ready, Thorne.

Lenore: Oh, it's fine for you, Spot. Just laying there, sleeping. But I am BORED. This is just not fair. I'm fine, and I'm sick of being in bed. And _I'M_ the one who found him, how come _I_ don't get to see him? Not fair.

Lenore: What if he's a lost prince? What if he's under a curse? Oh! What if only a kiss will release him from his spell? Just like in the books, Spot! (blush)

Lenore: (sigh) I don't suppose it matters much to me. Ama seems quite determined that I won't get to see him. She said "He won't be staying". Do you know, I think she'd like to throw him right back out into the snow, Spot? She wouldn't even answer my questions about him. Neither would Mr. Thorne. Darn it. It isn't fair, Spot. It's just not fair.

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    FANTASTIC scene creations!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and really got a kick out of the scenes you create ... WOW!

    I'm bookmarking this one to show my other half tomorrow!

    Very impressive, really put a smile on my face!

    Take Care,
    Michael From The Future!