Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just an Update from Norm's

Oh look, more rain. I don't remember moving to Seattle. Huh. So aside from being a little damp, things at Norm's are great!

Annual August sale - going GREAT!

 Summer Sale!!!

Did you hear something?

Anyway, the Summer Sale is going along swimmingly and I remain an awesome spokes pixie (because seriously, who doesn't need an awesome spokes pixie?)

The "Put Yourself in Our Place" selfie contest is going pretty good too. I had to withdraw my selfie from the contest, 'cause I work here again, but that just means YOU should come visit us at Norm's and enter! You could win a gift certificate! Just for taking a selfie!

Our little raffle structure for the September Miniatures Show is DONE! And I'm really pleased with it.

A little bit of moss gives just a nice touch of color. MY idea, of course.

The inside is all finished. Hardwood floor, baseboard, crown molding. I am really liking this wallpaper.

I think I will make it into a glass animal shop if I win it.  Oh yes, I am totally entering the raffle for this.

Never trust a builder who doesn't want to own their own building.

Just sayin'.

There'll be other cool stuff in the raffle as well. Probably not as cool as my building, but you never know. They get cool stuff at the show.

Some lucky person/pixie will be claiming the keys to this building! Could be you! Might be me! (I hope it's me. Nothing personal.)

But now is not the time to rest, even though THAT building is done...

 Now it's on to this gigantic building.

I'm turning this into an art gallery. In a week or so.

My art procurement person is bringing me art the 16th, so I have to have it kind of done so we can figure out where all the art goes.  It's ambitious, I know. Especially considering I have no idea what I'm doing.

But when has not knowing what I was doing ever stopped me before?

*shrug* Wish me luck anyway! 

- Miri


  1. Beary excellent work Miranda. I like your shoes, and again, the wallpaper is really something I need to do to decorate my place.


  2. That looks like a very ambitious project! :D

    I really love the shop for the raffle; I imagine it will be quite popular!

  3. Wow! I wish I could pop in to Norm's for a long visit, sale or not. It looks so awesome! Anyone who lives nearby is so lucky! xo Jennifer

  4. Ah Miranda - Its a Joy to see you romping around, building things and being such a Wonderful SpokesPixie - So HappY for YoU! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  5. Oh Miranda, the little shop is gorgeous! Great job everyone. See, you are a fabulous spokes pixie. They really do need you there.
    I don't know if you noticed, but I think David was making a face behind your back in the window. Seems like he might be a bit of a jokester.
    Hope the sale is going well. Wish I lived closer, as I would love to take a look around the store.

  6. My friend travelled from The Netherlands to the US last september on holiday and guess where she went... to Norm's!!! And she bought stuff and she saw all the stuff I only see on this blog!! And she only told me last week. I'm jealous!!! Had I known, I would have sent my hellos!