Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Early Christmas Present or How the House Saga Ends...

Waay back in July, I got the opportunity to bid on a house that I'd wanted for ages in a pixie police auction. And some of you may remember that I got outbid. I kind of thought that was the end of it.

But it wasn't.

 It's HERE!!! David and Wendy got it for me for Christmas! I'm told I'm better off not asking what strings they pulled to get it for me, so I'm not asking. I'm just so happy it's here!!!

So I spent all day yesterday moving in. It still needs some work (like I need to paint this front door) but it's AMAZING! Wanna see? Come on in!

First thing in the living room: my case for my glass animal collection! 

That beautiful white bunny in the middle? That came from my buddy Zorropirate. She is such a sweetie. I love him. I'm just so happy to finally have a place they can be OUT and on display, instead of in storage. 

 Anyway, so this is the living room. I need to decorate my tree, since I'm thinking I'll have a little Christmas Eve party here (Devika always does Christmas at her house). We'll see.

 This is the dining room.

 And the kitchen. I love this kitchen. So. Much.

Stairs are temporary stairs until we can get decent built in ones. But they'll work for now. They just need a railing.

So this is the hallway. 

Guest room.

Not that I get guests, but maybe if I have a guest room I will. Wendy's been talking with a friend about dolly visits: someone from the Kingdom visiting the Attic and someone from the Attic coming here. We'll see! I hope it's someone who fits in my guest room.

Tiny bathroom. Which is cute. But, is it like the guest bathroom?  I'll show you why I ask.

I haven't really decided what to do with this room. 

I think it's supposed to be maybe a Master Bathroom, but it is seriously RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the other bathroom. So do I really need two side by side bathrooms? 

But it does have a door right into my bedroom, so that would be kind of handy. I dunno. I'd love to hear what you think in the comments. Let me know!

So this was the best Christmas present EVER. Thank you so much David and Wendy for doing this. It means a lot. Home for the holidays, indeed. 

And I think Bean and I are going to be very happy here. Aren't we, Bean? Yeah. :)

- Miri


  1. Miri
    This is SUCH a beautiful house! All of us here at the Attic are SO happy for you! But now my girls are asking when they're getting a house -_- I guess it's time to start looking for some foreclosures!
    I love the house and think that having a master bath would be so nice, and it's ok if they're two bathrooms next to each other, you can knock out Morse Code messages when your in the tub!
    Thanks for the tour!

  2. Hey Megan!

    Thanks! I am completely blown away that it's here and it's MINE! I keep walking through the rooms, like I'm in a dream. But if I am just dreaming, I don't want to wake up.

    Master bath does sound like a good idea. I like your morse code idea. And then I guess I'd have a guest bathroom at the top of the stairs like when we have the Christmas party and stuff, and they won't be all near my bedroom. Hmm... thank you for your input! You rock. :)

  3. What a great tour! I would probably turn that unknown room into a little reading room myself. I love reading and books. Lots of books, so I would probably need a whole room just for them. Or maybe an office even. But the master bath idea would also be very neat. Either way, your house is wonderful, Miri. It's the perfect spot for a Christmas eve party. :)

    - Science

  4. Hey Science! Oooh, a little reading room is not a bad idea at all. It didn't occur to me because (and don't tell Clara this) I sort of feel like C&M is my own private library. I mean, we sell the books and everything, but pretty much any time I want to read anything, I can get whatever I want there. I do like your idea, though. Hmm...

    Thank you for your help! And your kind words about my house. I'm still just in awe that it's mine. And I think the Christmas Eve party will be awesome. There'll be pictures, for sure!

  5. Hi Miri, Congratulations on your new mansion. Wendy and David like to give you the best! I'd keep both bathrooms. They're fun to decorate, and it would give both you and your guests more privacy. I love seeing bean. I'm glad you have a sweet pet to keep you company. I sure love my guinea pig, Rufus. :-)Gino says hello to Bean too! xo Jennifer

  6. What a wonderful present! Your collection looks great in its new display, too!

    (And with a guest room like that, I'm sure you'll be having company!)

  7. Congrats! This house is breathtaking! What a lucky pixie you are! David & Wendy apparently love you very much!

    About the bathroom or not? You'll appreciate an extra bathroom when you have guests! LOL!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. What a great Christmas present! Congratulations on your new home, and Merry Christmas!

  9. wow, that looks amazing. love it. its amazing what you can do with the villas. :) as for the little room. walk in closet :D trust me wish i had one.

  10. This was a surprise, to see this post. I love the new house, and am so happy for you. My favorite room is your bedroom, looks just like your style. You are a very lucky, very loved girl indeed.

  11. Wonderful, your home is coming together so nicely. I think a bathroom off your own room would be a great idea. Keeps you & your guest happier I think. Congrats again.
    Holiday Hugs, Zoey

  12. What a lovely house. I'm hiding this blog post so certain dolls don't see over my shoulder and get jealous...

  13. I am so happy that I found your blog! It is wonderful! I am also very happy that you have such a nice house to live in. It will be exciting to see how you decorate it.

    Your new friend, Lorriedel

  14. Hey Lorriedel Lael! Thank you! Though... well, in the end, it didn't come out so nice. You see, there was an incident... with some termites - http://www.mirandawandering.com/2013/08/well-oops.html

    I don't have this house anymore. But I got a spiffy brand new one.

    Are you on Facebook? I am! You can find me here and say "hi" if you want - https://www.facebook.com/miranda.wylde.75