Monday, December 03, 2012

Miranda Wandering... Nowhere.

So that did not go as planned.

You see, Wendy told me she was going out of town overnight. But that I couldn't come. Which just will not do. She was leaving straight from work, not even going back to the house.

So I posted to my Facebook, after she'd signed off at Norm's, that I was going too by sneaking my way into her computer bag. 

 Great plan, right? Right. Yeah, except...

I was all snugged up in the computer bag. Ready with my stuff for an overnight trip.

I heard their voices, talking about where they were going, and she zipped the bag closed. And then...

Nothing. Voices going away. Doors closing. And silence. Norm's was closed. They were gone on their trip and SHE DIDN'T TAKE HER STUPID COMPUTER!!!!

So I spent all night in the dark (just imagine a dark, black, box here and you'll have the picture of how I spent my Sunday evening. And most of my Monday too.)

Too dark to read the book I brought. No noise. No nothing. Just silence and darkness. I couldn't unzip the bag from inside so I was stuck. I think I slept off and on, and I had weird dreams. And yeah, I know it was only about 24 hours, but it felt like YEARS. And then...

Bright Light!!! She found me. Turns out, she checked her Facebook when she got home from her trip, saw my status, and came to rescue me from the computer bag at the store.

She was not pleased, but she was glad I was okay. I was really grumpy and sad that I'd been forgotten like that.

Once we got back home, and I was safe in bed, she showed me what she got me, though: it's a glass frog. She said they had it in the gift shop and the second she saw it she thought of me. So I guess I wasn't REALLY forgotten.  But I'm still bummed I didn't get to go.

I think maybe I've learned my lesson about trying to stowaway on trips, though.


Or maybe I've just learned next time to pack myself into something I KNOW she's taking with her.

At least I got a cool frog. Hope your weekend was better than mine.

- Miri


  1. Sorry you got locked up both in bag & at Norms. But at least posting on FB got you out and that is an adorable frog.

  2. Awww! Bless your little heart! That is a cute little froggy, though. :o)

  3. Aww...poor you. I've tried being sneaky, it didn't work for me either. At least you got a gift. I like the froggy.

  4. Oh you poor thing, it doesn't pay to try to stowaway though does it, how scary for you being alone in the dark for so long like that! Nice little consolation gift though, such a cute little frog. My lad Rory loves frogs and he will be delighted to see you have one.

  5. Oh, poor you! What a stressful thing! Glad you are feeling better and the glass frog is lovely! :)

  6. Aahh, poor little dear. So glad you were found. I did see your post on FB. I wondered if it was going to work out for you. Oh well next time sneak into the actual suitcase, sshh..don't tell Wendy I told you to do that.

  7. Rough weekend! I'm glad you're OK, Miri! You must have gotten hungry too! Nice frog! xo Jennifer

  8. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about that Miri.
    That must've been just horrible!
    I love the frog you got though. :)
    I have a feeling if I don't take pictures of Pastel soon, she's going to be a stowaway with someone else!

  9. Miri, I was so scared for you. I hope you brought snacks and drinks with you. I like sodas,but Mum won't let me have very many.
    Were you scared all alone? I hate when my Mum makes me hide in her bag. The zipper pulls my hair,so she said she is getting me one with buttons.
    I don't know if I will like it better,we'll see.
    I'm so glad they found you,and that you are ok!
    I love your frog,and wish my Mum would get me one too. She got me plastic frogs. Glass is way better!