Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a Little Update

Things in the Wylde Kingdom have been busy. Sorry I haven't updated like I like to. Not a whole lot to report, though.

 Hanging around Norm's today, waiting to decorate the Manor.Spotted a building with a "sold" sign.

Says it's going to be a pixie clothing store. "Raggle Taggle Pixies" which is one of my favorite old pixie folk songs (humans swiped it and made it "Raggle Taggle Gypsies" but it's a lot older than that. This is a pretty good version of the human one, though I like the pixie version better, personally.) That would be cool. I could use some new clothes.

I didn't go in. Breaking and entering is not something I'd do (anymore) but I did check out the staircase. 

 Pretty nice. Nice view.I dunno who it belongs to, but I'm looking forward to seeing and getting more clothes. There are certainly a lot of pixie businesses cropping up all of a sudden. 

Anyway, then it was finally time to decorate the Manor. It went just fine, but poor CJ...

CJ just HAD to come along to help decorate. And he did a fine job. But he wasn't there to decorate really.

I think he carried that strand of lights all through the Manor, looking for Rose.

But if he saw her, he didn't tell me about it, and I kind of think he would have.

Anyway, we got it all decorated and it came out pretty nice, I think.

And now we're ready for the big Christmas Party in just a few weeks!

So not a lot of excitement yet (not until that clothing store opens!) but I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.

- Miri


  1. Que maravilla, se ve todo tan real!!!
    Volvere para la fiesta de Navidad.
    besitos ascension

  2. I can't wait to see the clothing store--fun!!! Poor CJ, I wish he could dance with her again, and kiss her too! :-( xo Jennifer

  3. What lovely decorating! The new store sounds pretty interesting too...

    but poor CJ, I hope he sees Rose again!

  4. Exciting things happening, not only a clothing store opening up, but decorating as well!

  5. Everything looks and sounds great! Zoey can't wait to visit in the Spring. She may have a couple of friends tag along as well.

  6. Everything looks so pretty! I'm ready for Christmas. Are you?

  7. A Christmas party sounds wonderful! We have not started to decorate and need to get going on that!

  8. Miri,I'm so excited for your new clothing store opening. It would be so fun to shop there!
    The Manor looks so pretty all decorated for Christmas.
    Mum says I can use a few of the extra things my sisters don't use to decorate my apartment. But I have to wait for Papa to get them down from the attic.
    You are so lucky to have Norms right there to shop at. I don't have a store like that near me. And didn't get a job yet. But I don't mind because I get to spend my days with my Mum.