Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pictures from a Pixie Halloween Party - Part 2

When last we left the Pixie Halloween Party at Wightwick Manor, the band were rocking out.

Wild Honey and the Stingers. They were pretty good, actually. 

Batpig was showing her (ferocious) moves.

Juno was looking awesome.

Amelia was looking for the food.

Saffron was getting her tarot cards read.

Freya was seeing the future for Saffron.

Hera was seeing where the goodies were (and was apparently a bit taken with the hanging spider web). She makes a neat Wonder Woman. I wonder if she hangs out with Batpig?

Tabby was being adorable and witchy on the stairs.

I think a good time was being had by everyone.

Aspen, Madera and I posing for a picture on the stairs.

Devika and Lon having a heartfelt conversation on the stairs by moonlight.

And a posed photo of Wild Honey and the Stingers. They're pretty talented. Their drummer is amazing. But there's definitely something familiar about that lead singer. Something that kind of gives me the heebie jeebies  but I can't put my finger on it.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter. Unless we have them play the Christmas Party too. And there WILL be a Christmas party. Any excuse to hang out in the Manor.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures! Now back to our regularly scheduled babbling about life in the Wylde Kingdom!

- Miri


  1. Awesome photos! The scale and detail of the manor is really wonderful, as well as the scale of the little BJDs in it. It certainly makes everything look real.

  2. Super fun! I love the lighting in your photos and all of the fun costumes and wigs! xo Jennifer

  3. Looks like a marvellous party!! :)

  4. Wow Miri, what a great party! Love all the costumes and the Manor is splendid. What a perfect setting. That lead singer does look awfully familiar, like Juno.... hmmmm.... AND YOU!!

  5. Wonderful photos all, and the costumes were all awesome. Love the house it was well done decoration wise & I am excited you will do Christmas party as well. Thanks for sharing, Zoey

  6. oh my goodness I am in LOVE with that little purple bat costume!!!