Sunday, November 16, 2014

Support BJD Artists Day

I'm not in the BJD hobby anymore, but I think this is important.

Today has been declared Support the BJD Artists day, and even without being in the hobby, I'm proud to lend my support to them. The amazing dreamers turned sculptors who create these gorgeous dolls should not be stolen from. Recasting their doll is no more flattering than breaking into their house and stealing their TV.

So Lenore and Cybelle have a message for today.

Without the artists, there ARE no more BJDs.

No recasts.


- Wendy


  1. Hey I'm with you Wendy. I only heard about 'recasts' last year, and was frankly appalled that people would even consider doing this. I took a pic of Gracie on Facebook yesterday. What gets me is why don't these people just save up and buy their doll on layaway on something ?? Took me about four months to pay for my Soulkid Gracie this way.

  2. Hey Lisa!

    You know, I get that the dolls are expensive. I really do. But I also get that recasts are STEALING. I've owned a recast, but I couldn't bear to keep her for very long. It just didn't feel right.

    There has become a real sense of entitlement in this hobby, and I think that sense of "deserving" a doll is what lead to the recast nonsense we're now seeing.

    When I was on DoA, every time I posted a picture of a doll to the gallery, I would get a private message from some entitled little girl asking me for a doll. "You have so many, you wouldn't miss just one." Who DOES that?

    It's all a huge part of why I'm not IN this hobby anymore - I am not a fan of most "BJD people".

    But yeah... anything worth having is worth waiting for. At least old people like us think so. :)

    - Wendy

    P.S. Also, I knew I shouldn't have handled Cybelle and Lenore. Now I want to play with BJDs again. I truly am a resin addict. It's terrible.