Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Will Work for Minis

"Will work for minis". And I mean it too. Though, mostly, I'd just like my job at Norm's back.

And a house. I'd really like a house again. And if I get a job at Norm's, I can have both! Minis AND a house to put them in. Right? Right.

I got bored in the fairy realms. The fae are BO-RING. The world of humans is much more interesting. I missed it.

And I missed some of the humans in it too.


  1. Welcome back! Scaramouche says the same thing - the Fairy Realms are nice to visit, but she wouldn't want to live there. (And with the holidays coming up, I'm sure they'll NEED you at Norm's!)

  2. Oh Miranda it's so great for you to be back! Little Dixie says it is the same for her- she much prefers advising Santa right now and being a substitute elf with no strings, lol. We've missed you!

  3. Miranda, you should come visit Pea and me in Alaska! Pea has a spare bed, just as long as you don't mind sleeping in a tiny little hatbox house :) Adventure awaits!