Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another House in the Wylde Kingdom

I spent my day hanging around Norm's Dollhouse.

I was there to see about a house. 

 Nah, not this one. Though I love the Westminster a lot.

No, this was a different house. And it's not even for me.

Yeah, you might think I meant the Lace House. And there IS one of those moving in.

It's not for me either, though I do love this house.

No... this was an entirely new house, but one we've wanted for a long, long time.

I came to see about a Pepperwood Farm a Norm's customer was bringing in for us.

We love this house. It's fully enclosed, which is AWESOME (and a lot less drafty if you're a pixie living in it).

And they brought us THIS! A beautifully constructed Pepperwood Farm shell!

Oh sure, it doesn't look like much now, but the carpentry on this is magnificent, and the shell is the foundation and thus the most important part of the whole house.

It's spacious. It's supposed to be a farm house, but the ceilings down here are 12" tall.

I can totally see a Christmas Tree going right here, in this beautiful bay. *sigh* I love bay windows.

There is so much potential in this house.

 They did this super cool modification and instead of sloping roof, they gave it a deck! A DECK! AWESOME!

No, it isn't my house (I have one already) but I think I may know just the pixies for this. We'll have to see.

Once we get it back to the Kingdom, we can let everyone wander through it and see who falls in love.

I'll keep you posted.

- Miri

P.S. If you'd like to see more pictures of this house, they're here - Meeting the Pepperwood Farm on Midnight in the Dollhouse.


  1. You are so constantly creative, passionate and inspirational! I know you will enjoy the process of finishing this much waited for house!

  2. Hey Tracy! Thanks! While I like this house a lot, it's Wendy who's been dreaming of it forever. I'm really glad we finally got one. For free, too! The lady who had it just didn't want it anymore. She seemed very pleased that it was going to a good home. I have NO idea what we're doing with it yet, sort of depends on whose house it's going to be. All this time, we thought if we ever got one it would be mine, but I am so in love with my little FAO house I can let another pixie have it. We'll just have to see who!

  3. you are SO lucky to have this house! Chris and I did this house one Christmas for a client whose husband had built it for her but never finished it for her. It took us months to finish it with the finishing touches int he early morning hours of Christmas eve..delivering it on on that day. iT WAS MASSIVE. It was one of our favvorite houses we did , and our most intensive. You are going to love it! I definitely would not get rid of it once I did it, as the work involved is horrendous, I still remember using two staircase kits on the hallway! We did a spiral staircase up to the attic. This was about over ten years ago.

  4. Oh wow, Lisa! That sounds amazing! Wendy & David have finished a couple of these for people at the dollhouse store, but I'd never seen one in person before. You're not kidding, it's a MONSTER! That 1/2" plywood is a bit different for this little pixie, I'm only used to 3/8" Baltic Birch plywood! But we feel so lucky to have it. I still can't believe the lady was willing to give it up, but I'm so happy she did. I know whose house it is now (next blog entry I'll tell you all about it!) and oh, the plans we have! This is going to be so fun!

    Yeah... the staircases look really interesting. 12" ceilings in a "farm house" really. Hmmm... well, it'll be an adventure, for sure!

    I hope ours comes out as nice as it sounds like yours did! Any pictures for inspiration? :)

  5. This is a totally awesome house Miranda! (My human has this one on her bucket list, but so far the only ones she has found are very expensive or have had flood damage).
    For some reason, I have not been getting the last two months of your posts in my newsfeed. I added your blog again and now they are there. So much good stuff to read. I need to say, "Happy Birthday", and congratulations on your gorgeous new wheels. I love your car!