Monday, December 09, 2013

Day 9: Gingerbread

After the fruitcake thing yesterday, the Hittys promised to make it up to me with something nice.

They were making gingerbread houses!

 Hitty Bertine made an amazing gingerbread church!

 And Hitty Rosabelle made a lovely little gingerbread house!

I came over right after work (the Green Elephant IS open for business, you know) which meant I missed all the "making" part. So I took in the beauty of their lovely gingerbread buildings and said....

... "Awesome! Let's eat!"

Well, how was _I_ supposed to know? Since when is gingerbread for LOOKING and not EATING?!? Sheesh!

- Miri


  1. You are really out of luck! First a cake nobody wants to eat and now something you are not supposed te eat! Those Hittys don't think right. They can cook and decorate beautifully but it would be nice if you could actually eat what they make! :-)

  2. LOL I've always wondered that about Gingerbread houses myself! Maybe you can convince them to make some Gingerbread men for eating. :)

    The houses do look very impressive though!

  3. Wow! Impressive gingerbread houses. Too bad you couldn't have a taste. That is just torture seeing candy and not being able to have any!
    Season's eatings are not going well for you yet. Hopefully you can have something sweet soon!

  4. Hey Veronique! Yeah, the feeding frenzy holiday season is not going so well for me so far. The Hittys have promised me that they'll make me some tasty gingerbread men I actually CAN eat (and would want to). So we'll see. :)

    Randomfish, I don't get it. What a terrible waste of candy and sugar. Though they are kind of pretty. I guess. And yeah, they're going to make me gingerbread men, so I guess it's not all bad. :)

    Hey Isabelle! I'll tell them you liked them. I think they were very proud. And of course, I missed all the "making" so I didn't even get to lick the bowls and stuff. I'm pretty sure holiday junkfood is imminent, though. Mmm... junkfood.

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I'm with you, Miri. What a waste of a delicious cookie house if it's only to look at.

  6. OmiGosh each one of these entries is Brilliant Miranda - You got me giggling in every single one, and I forgot to compliment your Awesome tree ornaments! Those Gingerbread houses are spectacular - and you are so Right, they Do Look Good enough to Eat - Glad the Hittys are going to make you tasty little Gingerbread Men - EnJoy!