Wednesday, December 04, 2013

To Miss Miranda: Meet You At Wightwick Manor

It's 3 a.m. here. But tomorrow there. Which is very confusing.

I will meet you at Wightwick Manor tomorrow morning. Tomorrow for YOU, not tomorrow today.

Confusing, indeed.

If my clothes are somewhere you can find them, please bring some for me that are warm, since you mentioned it's snowing there.  It's Summer here. It's always Summer in the Seelie Court.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.



P.S. If you see Spot, would you please tell him I'm coming home? Thank you. 


  1. Lenore! NO! It isn't safe up here. And it sure as heck isn't safe for you to travel alone! NO! NO NO NO NO!

    As much as I miss you, Little Changeling, it just isn't safe. Stay there and I will just see you in April. Okay? Seriously.

    I made the trip. It was long and difficult and dangerous. And there is no WAY you'll be here by tomorrow morning, even leaving right now! It's scaring me to death to think you're going to try this. Don't do it, Lenore! Please!

  2. Uh oh! I hope everything turns out OK!? xo Jennifer

  3. Lenore, this is Wendy. I hope you're reading this. As much as we miss you, we really don't want you to be in danger here. It's scary enough thinking the Unseelie might find Miranda. I've already dealt with people wanting to steal you before, remember? Please?

    Also, we might not even BE at the Manor tomorrow. It's really, really snowy and cold here. We might just be stuck at home (like we are today). So you'd be stuck at the Manor all by yourself. So please... please don't. Okay? Please let Miranda and I know you got this, okay? Please?

  4. Dear Miss Wendy and Miss Miranda,

    I am very sorry to worry you, but I want to come home. I am coming home. There is no reason for me to stay here any longer.

    Tomorrow is going to be the only time that will work. They will all be distracted and they won't notice if I leave.

    I will not be traveling home like you did, Miss Miranda. I have another way. It is a safer way. I think.

    The Unseelie will not find us in the Wylde Kingdom. I listen to things in Court. They think I am stupid, and not paying attention, so they talk all around me about all manner of things. I know about some things. The Wylde Kingdom will be safe and I will be safe at home.

    I am coming home tomorrow. I hope you will be there to find me at Wightwick Manor. If you are still snowed in, please ask that nice Mister David to expect me. Thank you.

    Any sign of Spot?

    See you tomorrow.



  5. Oh, no, oh, no. Lenore please listen to those who love you. Please stop channeling your inner Taurus. And stay where you are.
    W and M, you know how much I adore Lenore. I just thought I could give it a try.
    Me, too! Lenore, this is Trilby. I know you are not stupid (though that's a clever disguise). I know you are strong and super at dealing with negative vibrations, but I would always listen to Miss Wendy and Miranda because of their experience. I would be very sad if something happens to you. Love, Trilby

  6. Hey Plushpussycat. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope so too.

    Hi Ann and Trilby! Thanks for trying. Maybe she'll listen to you. Here's hoping.

    Lenore, see how worried everyone is about you? We love you and just want you to be safe. Okay? So STAY THERE. Believe me, I know Seelie-ville sucks. I know. But it's better than getting hurt or killed trying to come back up here. Please be safe. For all of us, okay?