Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Norm's

It is a cold, damp night here in the Wylde Kingdom, and so far that's been the bright spot of the whole day.

I'm drowning my sorrows in junkfood and microwaved jasmine tea right at the moment. You see...

I went back to Norm's Dollhouse to see about getting my old job back. 

Some things had changed a little bit while I was gone. For instance, now there are frickin FAIRIES everywhere.

Fairies. Can you believe it? 

Though they do have some cool stuff, I guess. 

Some things had not changed. The Manor is still there, and still glorious. 

 The Green Elephant is still there, and totally shoptacular.

They got in a bunch more handmade Christmas stuff. 

It's enough to make a pixie feel all Yuletidal or something. 

So after waiting around FOREVER, I finally got an answer about my old job.


Apparently they have some kind of "non-essential pixie personnel" hiring freeze thing going or something. I dunno. I don't want to say it was the fairies, but it's kind of weird that suddenly they're there and I'm not.

Just sayin'

So, that's that. Can you believe it? What kind of store doesn't need a spokes-pixie? Or someone to clean cases? I mean, seriously?

Well, whatever. Their loss. It isn't as if there isn't enough to do around HERE, getting the Wylde Kingdom Business District up and running again.

So I'll have some tea, and some candy, and then it's off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow doing my OWN job. *harumph* 

- Miri


  1. It is tough finding a job right now Mir... I've been looking since Christmas! Fingers crossed we both are working again soon. Sometimes life makes you slow down so you can enjoy or deal with other things. HUGS! :)

  2. Awww Miri, I'm sorry about Norm's. Though I'm having a really hard time believing that they don't want you back. You're an institution at Norm's. I think customers will revolt. If I were there, I'd organize the Unfair To Pixies rally immediately! Love from cousin Trilby.

  3. Wow Miri - You are so Cool showing such nice pictures of Norms, I am pretty sure TiGGy (being a Fairy) woulda Spray Painted Da JoinT!

    WTFairy are they thinking???! Noone has more Experience and Knowledge than you!

    TiGGs thinks they will come back to you in time (when they realize noone else knows what they are doing…)

    But you have taken all this in the amazing stride that has always inspired us all!

    TiGGy is sending up Fairy Dusties for you to get an even Better job! (Don't worry, they aren't those silly plastiFae things….)

    Whatever the reasons, its always Truly Heartwarming to see you Miri - your Spunk and Spirit really does Inspire
    LuV, TiGGs

  4. I'm always happy to see you have wandered back.... even if there isn't a day job at Norms!
    It's just nice to see your little self wandering!!!
    And that Christmas (shhhh!) stuff looks pretty nice too!

  5. Hey, Zorropirate! Yikes! I hope you find a job soon. Here's hoping for gainful employment for the both of us. And soon. Though I've got lots to do, I guess. So maybe it's just a slow down to stop and smell the roses or something. Maybe. Dunno. What are YOU slowing down and enjoying and dealing with, hmm?

    Hi Trilby! Yeah! I know, right? I don't get it. I really think it might be those fairies. I thought about staging a rally, but Wendy begged me not to. But I'll come up with something to do instead of working there. Probably.

    Hey Tiggy! Thanks. I'm a pretty nice pixie, no matter what people say. Mostly. And while I love the idea of going wild with spraypaint, Wendy still works there, and I want a house again someday. More flies with honey than vinegar, or something. Though who wants to catch flies? Whatever. Anyway, thanks. :)

    Howdy, Daydreamer! Thanks! Wandering is what I do, I guess. Stick with what you're good at, or something. I'll come up with something to spend my time on. Probably. I'm kind of at ends without working at Norm's. And yeah, that Christmas stuff DID look pretty cool. I kind of like Christmas. Sorta. Sometimes. Mostly in July, I think.

    Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted on what happens! Think good job thoughts for me! And thanks for the encouragement!

    - Miri

  6. One door closes and a better one will open - we are all Cheering you on you Spunky Pixie <3
    ~ LuV, TiGGy

  7. Sorry for the double (now triple) post - for some reason TiGGs is tripping over the text thingy - OoosP!