Sunday, May 02, 2010

Telephone, Telegram, Tell-a-Pixie

Sadie: Bye now. Thanks for stopping in.

Roo: So then what happened?

Sadie: Well, the way I heard it was that Ahma just fell over. Just collapsed right there.

Roo: That's pretty weird.

Sadie: It gets even weirder. I guess she said something like "Oh no. The girls." right before she fainted. And, get this. Turns out the girls were fighting on the other side of the house when she collapsed. Weird, hu?

Roo: No way. Is Ahma okay?

Sadie: Yeah, I guess so. They said she's kinda weak and stuff, but she's up and around. Oh, but that little dark haired girl, uh, Prudence I think her name is. She's gone missing since the fight. No one's seen her.

Sadie: There's something really weird about all this, Roo. It just "feels" weird.

Roo: Yeah. I don't know those girls of Ahma's, but I never heard anything about them being bad kids or fighting or anything.

Sadie: Yeah, me neither.

Roo: Probably just Springtime. They're just all restless, or something.

Sadie: Maybe.

Sadie: I dunno, just feels like something's going on. Something weird or bad or something. You know?

Roo: Yeah.