Saturday, May 08, 2010

Prudence Finds Her Way Home

Prudence: Okay, almost there.

Prudence: Uh oh. That giant bunny woman is still up. Hmm. We can make it. Just go fast, Prudence.

Noelle: Huh?

Noelle: Hmmm, that was a little big to be a mouse.

Noelle: Hello? Hey, I saw you sneak in here. Come on out and show yourself.

Prudence: No.

Noelle: Please?

Noelle: Hey, little one. What are you doing hiding under there? Hmm?

Prudence: Nothing.

Noelle: Okay. I'm Noelle, Wendy's roommate. Why don't you come out and have a midnight snack with me and tell me why you're hiding among the boxes, hu?

Prudence: Um okay, just don't tell Miss Wendy you found me, or where I am okay?

Noelle: She's already gone to bed, so don't worry about that. But why?

Prudence: She's going to put me in a box and mail me away.

Noelle: Over my dead body she is. I won't let her ship you away if you don't want to go. Come on out, have some carrots with me, and I'll keep you safe.

Prudence: Promise?

Noelle: Bunny's Honor.