Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strange Behavior

Ahma: Well, it's nice to be back, isn' it?

Louisa: Oh yes, Ahma!

Louisa: It's like we never left!

Prudence: It's weird, it's like nothing's changed at all. Everything's just the same as it was.

Ahma: Mmm hmm.

Calla: Except Lenore isn't here. Because she hates us.

Ahma: Oh, Calla. Lenore doesn't hate anyone. We talked about this, remember? Something bad has happened to Lenore and she's lost her memory. But we'll find a way to get it back. We just need to love her and be ready for when she remembers. Okay?

Calla: Yes, Ahma.

Ahma: Good girl.

Ahma: All right, ladies. I need to go talk with Theia and Emi. You go ahead and get settled and start getting ready for lessons, because school will be starting back up first thing tomorrow.

Girls: Yes, Ahma.

Calla: *sigh* Go away, Higgins. You're bothering me. Bad dog.

Higgins: *whimper*

Prudence: Calla! Higgins wasn't trying to bother you. He loves you!

Louisa: Pretty ironic, chasing Higgins away for being clingy. Since that's how YOU chased Lenore away. This is all YOUR fault, Calla.

Prudence: What did you just say? This isn't Calla's fault! This isn't anyone's fault! Lenore lost her memory and...

Louisa: Sure she did. She's probably just sick of how clingy and whiny Calla is. I don't blame her for deciding she didn't want to be around any of us anymore. I get sick of it too.

Prudence: What a HORRIBLE thing to say! You take that back!

Prudence: This ISN'T Calla's fault!

Calla: *sniffle*

Calla: I keep thinking Lenore must hate me so much, but you're right. We were fine. Lenore didn't hate me.

Calla: This isn't my fault. We were friends. We were fine. Everything was fine until YOU came here.

Calla: This is YOUR fault, Prudence.

Prudence: What? No, it isn't. I mean...

Louisa: Hmm, you could be right, Calla. When it was just the three of us, everything was fine. We had adventures together. And then Prudence came.

Prudence: But... but... Lenore likes me!

Calla: Does she?

Louisa: Does anyone? How many homes have you HAD now anyway? Nobody likes you, do they?

Louisa: Eventually everyone gets tired of you and they send you away. Lenore couldn't send you anywhere, so SHE left because she couldn't stand you anymore.

Calla: Once Miss Wendy gets rid of you, Lenore will come back. And everything will be good again.

Louisa: We could send her somewhere. I know where there are some boxes.

Calla: We'll send you somewhere nice, Prudence.

Louisa: Not that it matters. No one likes you no matter where you go.

Louisa: CALLA! Get her! She's getting away!

Prudence: HELP!!! HELP!!!

Louisa: *snort* Fine... let her go.

Louisa: It won't matter. Miss Wendy will send her off for sure. Especially after we tell her how she was making you cry, telling you how this was all your fault.

Calla: Yeah...

Prudence: I think it's safe, MacFie. I don't think they followed us.

Prudence: But I don't know what we're going to do. I don't WANT to lose another home. I don't. I can't! *sniffle* What are we going to do, MacFie? What are we going to do?