Sunday, April 18, 2010

Talk With Emi

Wendy: Hey, Emi.

Emi: Hey.

Emi: So you met with Lenore?

Wendy: Yeah.

Emi: How'd it go?

Wendy: You're right. She doesn't seem to remember any of them. How long has she been like this?

Emi: We don't really know. No one had checked on her in a while, apparently.

Wendy: Including me. This is all my fault. I'm a terrible companion.

Emi: Well, you've had other things on your mind.

Emi: There's no point in trying to place blame, we just need to figure out what we're going to do now.

Wendy: I don't know. How do we fix this, Emi?

Emi: I've never heard of a case like this. Dolls will occasionally forget who they are when their owners are distracted, or stop playing with them. But I've never heard of a doll remembering herself but forgetting the people around her. It's very strange.

Emi: We tried having Calla talk to her, and it was like Lenore just didn't see her or hear her. Like she just didn't even exist. It broke poor Calla's heart.

Wendy: Where are the girls now?

Emi: Ahma took them all over to your parents' house. They're staying there for a while. It's too hurtful for them to be here.

Wendy: Okay.

Emi: Theia is willing to try working with her. As an Oracle she might have some insight into what happened to make Lenore forget everyone.

Emi: And the pixies are trying to reach Mr. Thorne. He took off in that airship of his again to go wandering, but the pixies are hoping he won't be out of range yet and they can call him back. He understands these kinds of things also, and Theia said she would be glad for the help.

Wendy: Okay, that sounds great. Let's do that.

Emi: There is something you need to think about. Just something to start pondering now as a possibility.

Wendy: Okay.

Emi: If Lenore really wants to be an only doll, why not?

Wendy: You're saying let the other girls go?

Emi: It's a possibility that Lenore will never "see" them again. Deep down inside, all dolls want to be an only doll, if Lenore wants it so badly that she's created it as a reality in her head, maybe that says something. And it might not be something we can change.

Emi: But there's no way of knowing what will happen. I'll text Theia and set something up for tomorrow, since tonight is your movie night.

Wendy: Emi, have YOU ever wanted to be an only doll?

Emi: Hmmm. Well, of course I have.

Emi: But I daresay you'd be hard pressed to find a doll in his house who HASN'T.

Wendy: Oh, I guess I just didn't know.

Emi: Go enjoy movie night and I'll see if Theia is available to work with Lenore tomorrow.

Wendy: Okay. Thanks, Emi.