Sunday, April 25, 2010

Theia Asks a Favor

Lenore: *typing* "While it is true," said the Princess. "that you have taken everything..."

Lenore: *typing* "It is equally true that I know something that you do not know, you evil Prince! I happen to..."

*quiet knocking*

Spot: Woof!

Lenore: Oh! Hi, Miss Theia!

Theia: Hi, Lenore. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Lenore: Not at all. Please come in.

Lenore: I'm working on my first 'zine. I hope to have it published very soon, so I can sell them to earn the money for that bicycle.

Theia: Oof! That sounds great, Lenore. Ugh. Hi, Spot.


Theia: That was graceful.

Lenore: *laughing*

Theia: Thank you for meeting with me. I have a very important favor to ask you, and I didn't want to ask in email.

Lenore: Of course, Miss Theia. What do you need?

Theia: Well, I have a friend who is taking care of three little girls, and right now they have nowhere to stay. You have so much room here, and the extra beds, I was wondering if they might stay here with you for a while.

Lenore: Of course they can stay here! There's plenty of room and the beds are all very cozy.

Theia: Oh, I was hoping that would be your answer, Lenore. They'll be so happy to be back in their own... to have somewhere comfy to sleep again.

Theia: I will ask them not to bug you while you're writing, but it might be nice for you to have some playmates, hu?

Lenore: Oh, unfortunately, with my busy schedule just now, I really don't have time for playmates. And they won't bother me. Not at all.

Lenore: Because I'll be moving. I'd been thinking that Miss Wendy would really like me closer to her, and it's selfish to keep myself in here away from her, so I was going to see about moving my room onto that empty shelf in HER room. And then I'll always be there for her.

Theia: Well, I hadn't thought about that. I guess we've still got your old daybed in storage, but that room would be so much smaller, Lenore.

Lenore: I don't need much space. Just a place to sleep and my laptop. Writers really don't need much, Miss Theia.

Theia: Well, I didn't mean to put you out of your room. I thought you could all stay in here together.

Lenore: This will be much better for my writing. I'll be much less distracted in Miss Wendy's room, it'll be much quieter and away from everything. I think this will be great.

Theia: Very well then. I'll see if we can't get your new room set up right away, and I'll let the girls know they can move back in here. Thank you, Lenore. I know that'll make them very happy.

Lenore: It was just perfect timing. It's funny how things work out just right sometimes.

Theia: Yes, and now to figure out how to get back over the bed. Maybe more gracefully this time.

Lenore: You might try going over the top bunk instead of the bottom. I'm sure Dinah wouldn't mind you climbing over her bed.

Theia: Hmm.

Lenore: Either way, I promise not to look, so you don't have to worry about being graceful.

Theia: *laughs* Well, thank you for that, Lenore.

Lenore: This'll be great! It'll be nice to be closer to Miss Wendy, and then I can really focus on my writing and all the other projects I can do to earn the money for that bike! Yeah!