Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Laptop Shopping - by Lenore

My laptop has been acting up, and it's been threatening to just stop working. Miss Wendy said that I could get a new laptop, and Mr. Gage came with me to help me find just the right one. Mr. Gage is quite good with computers.

We were on our way to the American Girl store first thing in the morning. Mr. Gage said they would have a laptop for me there.

It's a really big store. Hard to miss.

Miss Wendy said that they might not let me in because I'm not an American Girl doll. This did not make me happy.

But she was wrong. We walked in, talked to a very nice lady who said that ALL dolls are welcome in the American Girl store.

The American Girl dolls are very pretty, and they're all so very different.

They come from all different times, and have all kinds of interesting stuff.

Because I can't wear their clothes, I'm mostly interested in their "stuff".

Now that it's Springtime again, hopefully I'll get to ride my horse Larkin some more. And I might need a stable set with a rake and everything to help clean up after her. Just to help keep the yard tidy.

I once lived in a Treehouse, but it was bigger than this one, and different. This one is quite nice, but I don't think I want to live in it.

The American Girls have their own hair stylists. Miss Wendy told me that the stylists probably wouldn't do the hair of a doll like me, which made me a little upset. But then I realized that the American Girl dolls NEED stylists. I can bend my elbows and brush my own hair, but I don't think their elbows bend. So it's very nice that they have people who can help them and brush their hair for them.

I want this bicycle.

Very, very much.

I told Miss Wendy that I would be good for an entire month. I will clean my room and take Spot for a walk every day. I will practice my violin without complaining. I will help the Pixies rake every single pixie yard and I will do whatever other chores anyone asks me to do. Whatever it takes to earn this bicycle.

She said "we'll see."

I think that means she'll get me one.

I also pointed out that a camper would be a great way to live closer to the pixies while I'm doing all my raking and pixie helping chores.

It's just the perfect size for me, and would be a very comfortable home away from home while I was visiting the pixies.

It's even got a board that turns into a bed, so I could sleep in the camper comfortably.

She said that the camper is "sold out" right now, but I saw a sign that said there would be more soon. When I pointed it out to Miss Wendy, she said "We'll see."

Apparently we're seeing about many things.

Mr. Gage pointed out the little laptop for me. He said he thought it would be perfect, and I agreed. It's smaller and much more portable. The display looked great, and Mr. Gage said it would do everything I needed it to do (mostly email, watching YouTube videos and listening to the Nafycast Podcast on Ourdolls.net).

He talked to the technical staff and got one set up for me to take home.

I wandered around a little bit, while Mr. Gage was doing that, and found a choir of American Girl dolls. They weren't singing anything just then, but I'm pretty sure they're a choir.

She's a very large pet photographer. Her camera is HUGE. Which is a shame, because I could use a new camera.

I think this lady had been waiting for a stylist for some time, but at least she seemed comfortable sitting around in her bathrobe.

While the sporty scooter is quite nice, I'd still rather have that blue bicycle. It's so pretty. I could put a card in the spokes and it would sound like a motorcycle!

I told Miss Wendy that once we get the camper, I'll need a camp chair and probably a camp fire too. She just shook her head at me, which I think meant that she already knew that and had added them to her list of things to get me. She must be very good at planning ahead like that.

I have no idea what this is. But it's all full of clothes. Miss Wendy said it's a washing machine, but I can't imagine how that works.

I really like this bag, very, very much. Miss Wendy said I could take it home to put all my supplies in, for when I'm going places with my laptop. I think it will be wonderful for that.

This is a very nice tent, but it's a little short for me. I told Miss Wendy I didn't need a tent since I was getting a camper and she shook her head at me again. I think she must've been thinking that herself and shaking her head at how we think the same so often.

This is Julie. She's from the 1970s. Turns out so is Miss Wendy, though she told me that she didn't have a pet bunny when she lived in the 70s, though she did have a tape recorder just like Julie's.

I like Julie's stuff. Especially her blue bicycle.

We went through the checkout and purchased my laptop and my new bag, and then we were ready to go.

On the way out, we noticed this sign at the restaurant across the street from the American Girl store. "Doll Friendly" is an unusual trait for a restaurant, and it made Miss Wendy and I both very happy to see this one was.

We got home, and Mr. Gage was all set to help me with my laptop, but it was already nicely set up. So I just started moving over my programs and stuff from the old laptop on to the new laptop.

Mr. Gage and Miss Wendy went to the Zoo while I finished moving files and things. Miss Wendy said that I'll get to go to the zoo in June with a bunch of other dolls. They went and had birthday cake at Wendy's parents house (Mr. Gage and Miss Wendy both have their birthdays in April. My unbirthday is in November.)

By the time they got back, I had completely finished setting up my new computer. I'm really happy with her. And Mr. Gage brought me a piece of birthday cake! Wasn't that nice of him?

One of the first things I did with my new laptop was check my email, and there was a new email from Miss Theia asking if she could meet with me later that evening. I wrote her back right away to say "yes" and I'm looking forward to seeing her, though I wonder why she wants to meet with me.

"We'll see," as Miss Wendy would say.