Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Cat!

I'm trying to sell some stuff on Ebay. Clothes no one wears. Dolls that need new homes. That kind of thing.

So, even though I can't bear to part with Cecilia, my Elfdoll Alice, I can totally part with her outfit. Or so I thought.

Her default outfit is way cute. But no one here wears it.

Cecilia was willing to model it for me, but she really, REALLY doesn't like it (especially the "stupid hat" which she felt made her look fat).

I wanted to show that other kinds of dolls could wear it too, and Chloris, my Wonderfrog, offered to model it for me, even though she said the lace underskirt itched.

I think Madyson was bored with playing with her brothers, and so she was happy to model just to have something new to do. I got done taking the picture and told her "Okay, it's all set to go on Ebay!" And she said "No! Mine!"

And off she ran.

Rotten cat.

No wonder I can't seem to get anything listed on Ebay tonight.