Monday, March 12, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 11

Davan: Um... Kitten. Emi said the chairs should be even with the couch.

Lucien: Please do not to be calling me "Kitten" And yes, even with the front of couch.

Valen: And guys, we've got another problem too.

Valen: Where do you think THESE chairs go? And they're really dirty. Are we supposed to clean them or what?

Davan: Why would Emi put a bunch of men, and a kitty cat, in charge of furniture arranging?

Lucien: (quietly) grrrrr

Ullrich: Hey guys, where the heck did these come from?

Ullrich: Eww, and they're filthy too.

Valen: Dunno, they were just here. Maybe from some gathering before? We just stacked them, but I don't know if we're supposed to use them or not.

Lucien: You did not have to be making the little girl leave, Ullrich. She is very cute and helpful.

Davan: Yeah, if underfoot and screeching is "cute and helpful".

Ullrich: (deep breath) Well, it's okay, Lucien. Her mom needed to get her over to where they're taking the "tiny" portrait, anyway.

Lucien: What is the matter with you and little girls? Just because she did not to be liking you.

Davan: Yeah, your mom likes little girls.

Lucien: How is it you are to be knowing my mother?

Davan: (snort) You are one stupid kitten, Kitten.

Ullrich: Davan, enough.

Davan: Whatever. Anyway, we finished the floor, and the couch moved while you were playing Daddy. I don't know what else we needed to do. I think there might be more chairs under the table, though.

Ullrich: Okay... I'll head down and look for the other furniture...

Emi: Hallo!

Valen: Hey, Emi. Let me give you a hand up there. That last step is pretty high.

Emi: Thanks Valen! I come with more help for you guys! Eww. These chairs are filthy!

Emi: Anyway, this is Rowan. He just arrived from Canada.

Valen: Hey Rowan, welcome to the Treehouse.

Davan: Yeah, more like the Funny Farm.

Emi: Lucien, would you be a dear and run down to the basement and tell Kaia and Giselle that it's time for them to come up? We'll start gathering everyone for the "tall kids" portrait in about half an hour or so.

Lucien: I would be honored, Lady Emi.

Davan: (snicker) Nice one, Kitten. Freakin' suck up.

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