Friday, March 09, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 8

Tegen: Sometimes I just don't know, though, Nessa. I mean... maybe I'm too old for him. Maybe he'd like someone younger. And all the fae of the house will all be together, girls he's never seen before, and what if... you know?

Nessa: Well, there is another, younger woman that he seems to spend a lot of his time with.

Tegen: What?

Nessa: Oh, Tegen, I thought you knew. Everyone knows. They're everywhere together.

Tegen: You tell me who this "younger woman" is and, oh... I'll.... I'LL...

Feather: MOMMY!!!!!

Tegen: Hi, baby-bird!!

Feather: Lookie, mommy! I'm all gofic and daddy got me new boots, and they're gofic boots!!!

Tegen: Oh, I get it. You mean Feather. Please tell me you mean Feather.

Nessa: Of course I mean Feather, you goose. Ullrich loves you and that little girl more than anything. All the rest of the fae in this house could be at the meeting NAKED and he wouldn't see any woman but you, Tegen. Relax.

Feather: And then he helped me pick out this dress, and it's blue! Are you looking at my boots?

Feather: You're not looking at my gofic boots!!!!

Tegen: (laugh) I see your boots, baby-bird. I see them. They're wonderful. Did you have a nice time with daddy?

Feather: Up, please. Daddy was helping move stuff, and his friend said I was cute!

Tegen: You ARE cute. And are you going to be good at the portrait for me, hmmm?

Feather: DADDY!!!

Ullrich: My girls. Oof!

Ullrich: Hello, beautiful. I missed you.

Tegen: I missed you too...

Feather: EWWW! KISSY FACE!!!! Down, please!

Feather: Nessa!!!!!!
Feather: Hi, Miss Nessa! Did you see my gofic boots? I wuv them and they're very stompy and...

Nessa: You know, Lenore has been looking for ways to earn some extra money. And she could babysit whenever you needed her to. Well, obviously not when she's in lessons with you, Tegen, but otherwise. You could certainly talk to her about it.

Tegen: Hmm, I don't know, Nessa. Feather's almost as big as Lenore...

Ullrich: We'll definitely talk to Lenore, Nessa. That would be great.

Tegen: Oh will we now?

Ullrich: Yes... yes we will. Once we've hired Lenore to babysit, I'll show you why, too. (leer)

Tegen: (blush) Ullrich...


  1. Oh my goodness, how many of these dolls do you have? You may outnumber me in dolls! What a find.

  2. What a wonderful way to introduce us to your dolly family, we get a personal peak at each of them as they prepare for the portrait. This is all so cool...sigh.

  3. Aww, thanks Jan! I'm glad you're enjoying it!! It's beena lot of fun to do, and it's not over yet! :)

    Hi Sophia! Um... if you want to see them all, just keep reading. But if you just can't wait, a lot of them are up on my Yahoo photos page here -

    It's the "Little Resin Family" folder.

    And... yeah, there's a bunch of them. Quite a bunch. :)

    I'll probably be updating daily until this is done, or else this "family picture day" won't get finished until the end of NEXT month!

    Thanks for reading! It means a lot. :)

    - Wendy

  4. HAPPY ST. PADDYS DAY....It's me again,(waving), I just took a trip through your "Little Resin Family" album. This is a FABULOUS collection Wendy!!! May I ask, who's the newest member of your group?
    Since Sabira arrived to reside with me (thanks for the enabling lol) I have added five more resin wonders to my famiy, with two more on the way. EEEEE GADS what fun. Soooo please keep up the enabling:) and spreading the joy. Hope your day for wearing of the green is a great one.

  5. Hi Jan!!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!!! (waving back)

    I'm glad you like my little resin family. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that isn't all of them, just the ones I've managed to get to sit still long enough to snap a decent picture. :) Eventually they will ALL be up there, which is part of why we're doing the "family portrait" thing at all.

    The newest member of the family is Rhiannon. Her introduction on the blog will be coming up here pretty soon.

    WOW! Your little family has grown too!! Obviously, you need a blog for YOUR resin family now! :)

    Thanks for reading my little stories, and looking at my little family. I am always happy to enable. :)

    Happy St. Paddy's day everyone!!!