Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Family Portrait Day - Pt 12

Perigrine: The drive to your house is pretty.

Wendy: Thanks. I kind of like it.

(a little while later)

Perigrine: I love this Buck~Tick CD. "Romance" is an awesome song.

Wendy: Are you saying that because you really like them? Or are you saying that because you know that _I_ like them, and you want to suck up?

Perigrine: Does make you wonder, doesn't it? I'd tell you, but the mystery is part of my charm.

Wendy: Ugh.

(a little while later)

Perigrine: We're HERE! That's Hami, the Hamster Van! I'm so glad he's okay. But it was probably best to bring Trygve's car today, what with you being cursed about going to meetups that aren't at your house and all.

Wendy: I'm still a little weirded out that you've read my blog, Peri. I don't quite know how I feel about that. I guess it's all good, just weird.

Wendy: So, ready to come inside and meet everyone? You're just in time for the family portrait too. Talk about timing.

Perigrine: Um, would it be okay if I took a walk outside first. Just to look around. Plan escape routes, that kind of thing?

Wendy: What's a matter, sweetie? You don't really seem the shy type.

Perigrine: I'm just... well, I don't know if I should be in the family portrait or not. I mean, you don't even know if you like me, and I weird you out, so...

Wendy: You should be in it because I DO like you, and you don't "weird me out", the blog-reading situation is just odd, and I just find myself talking to you on a different level. So come on in when you're ready, don't get rained on, and find Emi, who you know from the blog, right?

Perigrine: Right. Cute girl, purple hair. I'll be in after a bit.

Wendy: Okay, have a nice time. And if I didn't like you, baby-doll, you wouldn't be in my car. Okay?

Perigrine: Okay. Thanks. (smile)

Perigrine: Well, Perigrine Crowbane, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Don't blow it this time...


  1. Are you going for the World Record of number of dolls? Wow!

  2. LOL! Nah, there are doll collectors who have me beat, hands down. But I have got quite the little resin family going.

    Just wait, there are more you haven't even seen yet. I hope I can get all of this done by the end of March!!! GAH!!!

  3. As long as you are happy.....

    I have my hands full with everything here. I don't want any moredolls for a while...

  4. I'm feeling compelled to say never enough time and never enough dolls, (snicker & LOL).There's always room for one (or two) more lol.
    There seems to be somthing very interesting about Peri, now I'm wondering where he came from and whats he all about.