Friday, December 16, 2011

The Night of 100 "Likes"!

This isn't much of an update, but it's all I've got. It's been busy!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to quite a surprise. After hanging around at 99 "likes" on Facebook for a few months, suddenly we finally hit 100! I had prizes in mind for just this occasion, I just hadn't gotten them yet, since I figured there was no way 100 people would ever "like" my little coffee shop's page. Especially 100 people who couldn't even fit in it! (There are not a lot of pixies on Facebook. I don't know why.)

Anyway, I went and got the prizes today. Kathy Jackson won a $50 gift certificate to Norm's Dollhouse in Centennial Colorado! Congratulations Kathy!

And a bunch of other people will be getting gift cards to Denver Doll Emporium, also in Centennial Colorado.

Congratulations to all of our winners. Thank you everyone for all the "likes". I am humbled to have so many people over 4" tall who like us. That's pretty cool.

In other spiffy news, we're having our big pixie Christmas Party at Wightwick Manor this Sunday. I can't wait. Everyone is getting out either their Christmas costumes or fancy dresses and best clothes. It'll be a lot of fun and there will be a ton of pictures. I'll post about it Monday or so.

Anyway, that's my super quick update. It's the best I can do. We're really, REALLY busy in the book part of the coffee shop. Everyone is buying books for Christmas. Maybe it's because we're promoting the books as the latest thing: The 3D Kindle. *shrug*

I'll post more soon! Thanks for reading, and if you haven't "liked" our C&M page on Facebook (and you're on Facebook) you should! It's fun, and a great way to keep up on the goings on here in the Wylde Kingdom. We'll do another prize drawing at 150 "likes". I'll be better prepared this time too! Well, maybe. I guess we'll see!

- Miri

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