Monday, September 01, 2008

Finding Pixies - Pt 1

Marica Moose: Oh, Mitch! What a beautiful place you have found for us to camp.

Mitch Moose: Yes, it is very beautiful here.

Mitch Moose: But not as beautiful as you, my beautiful Marcia.

Marcia Moose: Oh, Mitch.

Marcia Moose: Mitch, my love, do you think we can find the others? Are we the only mooses left in the world do you think?

Mitch Moose: We will find them, my darling.

Marcia Moose: But HOW Mitch? How ever shall we find them?

Mitch: We must use the one thing in the world that mooses cannot resist. We must use it to call them, Marcia.

Marcia Moose: Oh Mitch, my beloved! But, can we? Must we?

Mitch Moose: We must, my love. We must, for they can only be called with...

Gage (in the distance): Lenore! Hey Lenore!

Lenore: Hi, Mister Gage!

Gage: Hi, Hi! Look I caught some fish for you for dinner! Here we are, surviving out in the wilds, living off the fat of the land!

Lenore: We're in the back yard.

Gage: Well, yes. Yes but... um... oh look! I found this carrot hanging around in a garden with nothing better to do than be dinner! Isn't that wonderful?

Gage: I'm sure they won't even notice it's gone. I'm going to fry it up for me while you're having your fish.

Lenore: Thank you, Mister Gage. I'm sure they'll be delicious.

Gage: So, wildlife photography? What were you photographing over there in the bushes?

Lenore: My Moose dolls. I'm taking pictures for a blog entry.

Gage: Oh! I didn't know you did a doll blog!

Lenore: I think I'm going to start one up. Their story is very sad, but with a happy ending. See, Mitch and Marcia Moose believe they, and their little baby Mo, are the only Moose People left in the whole world and they're...

Gage: Oh, Lenore... The only survivors...

Lenore: But they think they know how to call the other Moose People back to them and then they'll have all their friends back around them and they won't have to worry about them anymore and everything will be good again!

Gage: Lenore, I know you miss the pixies and the fairies and everyone but...

Gage: It's been a month, we just have to accept that...

Lenore: OH! I'd better get everyone packed up before it starts to rain. I think it's going to rain, don't you? Please excuse me, Mister Gage.

Gage: (thinking to self) Aww, poor kid. Working out things through her toys. That is just so sad.

Gage: Well, at least she's got an outlet. And after things are settled, she'll get back into the swing of things. Yeah, she'll be okay. All right, so on to the carrot and fish fry! Yeah!

Lenore: Mitch, that was a wonderful shoot. Good job! And don't you worry, you're exactly right and you'll call all the Moose People right back to you. Just like I'm going to call MY missing pixie friends.

Lenore: Because you're absolutely right, you just have to find the thing that they absolutely cannot resist and use it to call them. And I have JUST the thing

Gage: Pixie Sticks? I had no idea Lenore had such a sweet tooth! Goodness!

(to be continued)