Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pixie Finder's Journal

Lenore: (writing) Pixie Finder's Journal... day 20... someone has been eating my pixy sticks. The story is the same every time I check.

Lenore: Wrappers left behind. Little tiny teethmarks. But never any pixies to talk to. They don't hang around long enough for me to ask them about Devika, and Taelyn, and all the other pixies I knew.

Lenore: I do not want to resort to traps. Mr. Gage, Miss Wendy and Miss Simona all warn me of the same thing. Wild fae get angry very easily, and might not like someone messing with them. Even someone with the best of intentions. They don't seem to approve of my searches already. I'm certain they would make me stop completely if I accidentally trapped one of the local fae.

Lenore: My plan that I mentioned a few entries back, calling out the names of my pixie friends under the mushrooms, doesn't seem to be helping either. There's never any answer. Just more chewed up pixy stix wrappers.

Lenore: I realized, I must try something else. Not traps, not a different bait, but something entirely different.

Lenore: As I was finding the carnage of yet another pile of devoured pixy stix wrappers, I felt that what I needed was a pixie blind. Like bird watchers use to watch easily frightened birds.

Lenore: I don't know how to build a pixie blind, and I began to despair.

Lenore: But then, thinking about the birdwatchers got me thinking in a different direction.

Lenore: Not everything is unpacked here yet, but I was able to find the old Halloween costumes and...

Lenore: ... set myself up, perched in a tree and watched. And watched. But no one came. Though, I think it was not the fault of my disguise.

Lenore: As I was rather viciously dive bombed by an overly enthusiastic magpie, causing me to hit my head on a branch, though I did not fall, thank goodness.

Lenore: I remained in my robin costume for the rest of the afternoon. Continuing to check on places I'd left pixy stix and notes.

Lenore: Unsurprising, I suppose to report that I have still seen no pixies.

Lenore: Though I think I'm on the right track. There are wild fae here. I know there are. And I am sure that they will know the whereabouts of Devika, and Taelyn and all my pixie friends.

Lenore: At least, I am very hopeful that it's pixies that are around. Because this afternoon, I must report in this journal, I felt the very strong, and rather creepy sensation...

Lenore: ... of being watched. I will report again tomorrow in this journal. And hopefully will have at least SIGHTED a pixie