Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Sudden Disappearance

It's Halloween.

We have to go. We have no choice.

I never, EVER thought we would have to run.

But here we are.

I mean, okay... we of the Wylde Kingdom, we're of the "Light" Court of pixies. The Seelie. And the "Light" Court rules the Northern Hemisphere from May 1st to October 31st.

On Halloween, the Unseelie, the "Dark" Court take over the Northern Hemisphere until April 30th. That's just how it's always been.

You humans think you've seen evil, but you haven't until you've met the Unseelie. And God willing, I hope you never do.

We've pushed our luck every year.

We've stayed here, even though we weren't supposed to. And the Unseelie never noticed us.

Until now.

They know we stay. And apparently, they're planning to come visit. Tonight. After Midnight.

So we're leaving.

We're traveling with the Light Court to the Southern Hemisphere.

And we're all going.

All the pixies, anyway.

The Hittys are exempt from the laws of the Unseelie, not being pixies. As are the Woodlees.

The only pixie staying is Madera. Our intrepid photographer. She said someone would need to stay to keep the blog updated with pictures.  Mechanical things don't work in the Fae world, so I'm leaving her my laptop. There's no wi-fi there anyway.

She'll be safe. One pixie won't draw their attention. But a Kingdom full of them... *sigh*

The Woodlees have agreed to keep everything running while we're gone.

The Hittys will live in the Equinox House with Madera and help her keep up the blog.

Wendy has agreed to help with the blog and the Kingdom and everything too.

I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe we're running.

We'll be okay. We will. I hope we will.

It's time. I have to go.


- Miri


  1. zorropirate10:06 AM

    We will miss you so much Miri, can't wait for your return. Stay safe!!!

  2. oh Miri, you will be missed! Be safe and hope to see you soon dear one!

  3. They'll be okay, Zorropirate. The Light Court isn't Miri's favorite bunch of Fae in the world, but they'll be safe with them.

    It's so quiet here. I guess I hadn't realized how constant the buzz of pixie chatter really was in the Kingdom. The Hittys and Woodlees are so quiet in comparison.

    This is going to be weird. But they'll be safe, and hopefully the Unseelie will leave the rest of us alone without them here.

    We'll let you know if we hear anything from them. But communication between the Fairy and human world can be kind of sketchy. :(

  4. Yipes - How can this Be?! I KnoW Miranda can kick Unseemly Unseelie BuTTs!

  5. Hey Tiggy.

    Well, the pixies have hung out other years and not been super threatened. I'm only a harp playing human, but I can tell you that the mythology of the Unseelie is pretty scary stuff. These are the fairies that give fairies a bad reputation. These are the ones that steal children, and injure cattle and animals - and that's just what they do to humans. It's hard to say what they'd do to Seelie pixies.

    I'm glad they made a run for it, but we miss them already. I hope they write or something. Think good thoughts for them, they're making an awfully long journey.

    The Hittys, Madera, the Woodlees and I all promise to try to keep up the blog while they're gone. We'll do our best. It's all we can do.

  6. Awww, you will be missed. Hopefully the time will pass quickly and you all can return home again. hugs!

  7. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Don't stay away too long, OK?!? Be safe. xo Jennifer

  8. That must be frightening! I hope they all enjoy their stay,and I'm sure the Hittys and Woodlees will take good care of things for them.

  9. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Poor Miri and the rest of the Pixie bunch. Those Unseelies sound pretty darn scary, I would run too. Good luck to them and godspeed.

    - EekitsLily

  10. Oh dear! I'm going to miss you! Hope you will be safe and able to return quickly to find the kingdom unharmed! Hang in there!

  11. Well I am relieved that your Hittys and Woodlees will be watching over things while your pixies flee to the light. TiGGy is convinced however that your Harp is PotentMosT when it comes to keeping out Unseemly Unseelie! (BTW we sooo gotta play together!)