Monday, August 05, 2013

Well, Oops.

Wendy and David both say it's my own fault.

Maybe they're right. I guess. You see...

I ordered them when things were all weird with the Woodlees having taken over the Kingdom and everything.

When you think about it that way, it wasn't really my fault. I was just trying to fix a problem.

A problem made of wood. 

So I sent for termites. 

"Fast Acting", "Industrial Strength" termites, no less. "Guaranteed to devour all wood in their vicinity, or your money back!"

It was the most devious plan I'd ever had in my entire life.

Fortunately, they arrived weeks after everything had gone all nice-nice with the Woodlees. I didn't need them anymore (and I probably wouldn't have done it anyway. Probably.)

So I put them away and kind of forgot about them, to be honest.

But someone in the house did NOT forget about them.

Termite is apparently a natural flavor cats crave. Who knew?

Maybe a week ago, Meowzart got back into that cabinet.  He'd been clawing at it for days, but I always caught him at it and nothing exciting happened.

Until this time.

In the morning, cleaning up the mess, I didn't see a single termite. I figured Meowzart had eaten them. (Eww.)

I was wrong.


Because today... I came home and the cat and bunny met me at the front door.

At least, what I assume used to be the front door.

It's gone. They ate the whole thing. The WHOLE. THING.

*sigh* So I guess I'm glad  no one has moved into the room box. My new home sweet home.

Farewell, Seaside Villa. I'm sure you were delicious.

- Miri


  1. Oh Miri, no! I'm so sorry. And, no, I don't think it was your fault (or Meowzart's either). Though I don't want to think about what you intended those er brrrbugs, eeuw, to do. Now I believe you will come up with something innovative to create out of saw (or termite) dust. Thinkin' about you, Trilby

  2. Well, if innovative is a lot like sitting around in a room box where you don't want to live, eating ice cream until you think you'll explode while brainlessly surfing the internet, I'm all ready on it.

    *sigh* It'll be okay. It was just a bit of a surprise. And it super stinks having no one to blame but myself, er... the cat.

  3. Miranda,
    There's a silver lining to every cloud: use this time to think about and design your next house! (Might I suggest one made out of stone or metal? LOL)
    So sorry to hear that your beautiful home was so tasty! But I know you'll bounce back and be back in the ring swinging soon!
    Lori (and Opi, who suggests giving Meowzart catnip next time!)

  4. Oh Miranda! This is tragic. I cannot believe that your beautiful home has been reduced to sawdust. Oh my. I hope that Wendy and David help you find a new home really soon, maybe a mansion from Norm's? If you lived here, I could help you find a home, but alas, you are too far away.
    Darn cat! I will be waiting anxiously to see what happens next.

  5. Sam here, just a quick note to Wendy.
    (This is the funniest post I have EVER read! I love it!) Not to minimize Miri's suffering, but we have to let our resin kids learn their lessons. Sometimes it is really hard to watch them fall, but it is how they learn. I think they call it tough love.
    Please don't be too hard on Miranda, I think she has learned the meaning of karma.

  6. LOL.... sorry Miri, but hehehe....aww...hahaha....ask for a wood free house this time cause who knows where those nibblers went!

  7. Hello from Spain: I'm reading this post. This is tragic. I can not believe that your home has been reduced to sawdust. I wish Wendy and David help find a new home very soon. We keep in touch.

  8. Sorry Miri! But I laughed myself silly reading this. :o)

    Hopefully your new abode will be even better than before. Fear not for I know that Wendy will make sure you have everything you need.

    I hope the termites got the bellies full and flew far, far away!

  9. Oh dear, Miranda...that is too bad! (And just the teeny-tiniest bit funny? I guess that is the problem with devious plans!)

    Hope the new place is perfect! :D

  10. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Oh no, Miri. Oh well, what's done is done. At least no one was hurt and hopefully those termites got their fill so there won't be anymore casualties. But I'm sure you'll find an awesome pad soon enough. Good luck, Miri!

    - Lily

  11. Oh Miranda, I must say that was quite a Brilliant plan, with utterly unexpected consequences. I am sorry I did giggle at the sheer ingenuity of it all, and knowing you, you already have even Grander plans afoot - Brilliant story. HuGs and Love, TiGGy