Friday, August 30, 2013

Wandering to Aztec - Day 5 & The Road Home

And so then it was day five of this awesome trade show thingy, and then we were on the way home.

View from the hotel room that morning. It looks chilly, doesn't it? Yeah, no. That was like 80% humidity looks like. And it's not chilly. It's hot and it's muggy. Pretty in a picture, though.

This is how I traveled around the whole convention, but Opie (the one with the rockin elephant) had a different way to travel.

I think she probably had a great view from up there (and that's Opie's companion, Lori. She runs the miniature store that Opie is taking over hanging around in, called Happily Ever After in VA. Nice lady, for a human and all.)

I came. I saw. I shopped.

And then we were back on the road.

Which is exhausting, turns out. But we all really wanted to be home.

We ended up driving until we just couldn't drive anymore, caught a nap in a rest stop, and then we were back on the road.

We stopped in Junction City to say "hi" to David's brother on our way back and saw this awesome house. Check out that apex trim! Gorgeous!

I had no idea houses like this existed for real. It looks like a giant dolls house!

Driving and driving and more driving, but we knew when we were back in Colorado. And WOW did we miss it.

It was a great trip, but it's really great to be home. And now there's so much going on here I have to tell you about! Life is never a dull moment in the Wylde Kingdom, and it's nice to be back.

- Miri


  1. Wow! A huge real life dollhouse. Even if the owners didn't know it. lol Looks like too had a great trip, but tiring.

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound.
    (The last photo looks like there is a knight in shining amour riding a horse welcoming you home!)

  3. Anonymous11:05 PM

    It's nice that you are home again my friend :)
    You had a wonderful adventure!

  4. It's me, Trilby. I'm so green with envy. Ann wants to know where you got your rolling shopping cart/suitcase. Our Richard commented, "Cute, cute, cute." (Believe me, that's hardly heard around here.)