Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Interruption - Something Cool and Interesting to See

Yeah, yeah. Blog update. I know. I know.

But have you ever been wandering on the internet and tripped over something SO cool, you just had to tell someone (everyone) about it?

That just happened to me.

This is Roaming Roy, and his friend Elissa.

Roy is a kind of Puppet, and there's more information about him here - About Roy, and I think Elissa is a kind of Human (the Australian kind, I think.)

They wander and go places, which is super cool, but the blog is also about strange, historical items and what they're used for (and what people THINK they might be used for, which is sometimes pretty funny). Elissa explains the blog here - What is the Tingle Factor Box?, but you should just get a cup of tea, and go read the whole thing. Their blog is just fascinating. The Tingle Factor Box

Seriously, you should go check it out.

I have no idea what I was searching for that lead me to find Roy and Elissa this morning, but I'm so glad that I did. They don't know me, or that I'm posting this, talking about them. I hope they're not horrified to find that they've been blogged about by an American Pixie.

Anyway, go check out their blog. I mean it.

And I promise to update mine too.


- Miri

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  1. Miri, you always find the most awesome stuff!