Friday, August 09, 2013

Miranda's Vacant Lot

It's been kind of four days of sulking for me. I admit it.

CJ did all the work getting the Villa sawdust cleaned up.

He said he had to do it all by himself since he only had one vehicle to haul it with, and one pair of goggles (CJ is all about safety). I really appreciate it a lot.

Once it was all gone, it was just a big, huge, empty lot. Full of nothing. 

While the room box is cozy, Wendy pointed out that the empty lot where the once gorgeous Seaside Villa pile of wood dust was is still MINE. Even if I don't have a house to put on it. And that got me thinking. 

I think I'd rather hang out in an empty lot than in a room box. 

So I had this brilliant idea.

 See, C. Pender built me this awesome camper and it's SUPER cozy.

 I've been living on the property in my little camper for a few days now, and it's really sweet.

 Of course, the inside isn't really finished, but now maybe I can focus some time and attention on getting it fixed up.

 And when I'm not finishing the inside I can be outside, thinking or just enjoying the great outdoors of the living room.

And NOT thinking about the fact that my house was eaten by termites. *sigh* 

Yeah... so Wendy says she's got some kind of surprise if I'll just quit sulking. 

Who's sulking?! I'm enjoying the great outdoors!


  1. A trailer is cool, if you get bored you can move it someplace else. Sorry about the Villa, and I hope whatever you want to happen happens.

  2. Wow! What a great set up! Looks like grand and relaxing outdoor living to me!

  3. Oh, the trailer is wonderful! And that hammock looks so comfortable too.... :)

  4. Wow! I'm sorry about your house, but I love your little camper! I hope it will turn out to be all you hope it will. :o)

  5. The caravan is the bee's knees! Brilliant idea. As you know, I love in a grave yard and it's a really peaceful place. Outside living is great as long as it doesn't rain, but then it's not likely to in the living room. lol I wonder what Wendy's got up her sleeve?

  6. Oh dear a shame about the Villa, pile of sawdust....but the camper is pretty cool and you can take it anywhere you want. Love the little picnic area.