Monday, August 26, 2013

We Interrupt This Blog for BOOKS!

Okay, so I should really be blogging about my last couple days at Aztec, but today I'm busy sorting books at Norm's Dollhouse.

We've got a big show coming up September 7th - 8th and we're not ready.

So very not ready.

So today I'm sorting books instead of blogging. Sorry.

And I think I'm even going to "borrow" a copy of the Velveteen Rabbit.  One of my favorites.

Now back to work I go!

- Miri


  1. Hi Miranda,
    You look rather busy! I love the "Velveteen Rabbit" too, and I can also see "The Pokey Little Puppy"! (another favorite from childhood).
    Have fun getting ready for the show.

  2. Oh, what a lovely lot of books! I can see why you would be distracted! :)

  3. Awesome books! It looks like you have everything under control. I hope the show goes well. :o)