Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wandering to Aztec - Day 3

Sorry for the delay in telling you about my adventures. It's been a week. One WEEK! But I got sick and we've got the annual local miniatures show to get ready for and...

... yeah, yeah. Excuses excuses. I know.

So here ya go! Day three of my Aztec adventure!

- Miri
So, I'm construction supervisor at Wylde Kingdom Woodlee Junction Construction. But the only reason I have the knowledge I need to do that job, is this book.

Everything I ever needed to know about creating doll housing, I learned from "Everything You Wanted to Know about Dollhouses But Didn't Know Who to Ask" by Nancy Van Horn.

And she's going to be at Aztec. So I will be getting her autograph. :)

The view from our hotel room was lush and green. Not that Colorado isn't green, but it's more of a "pine-tree" kind of green, not so much a "lush, tall, reedy things that a pixie would be lost in in a matter of minutes" kind of green. Pretty. Scary. But pretty.

I guess it was an oversight that they didn't put my name on our buyer badge, but I fixed it.

I didn't get to meet Nancy the first night, but I got to meet someone else who is a hero of mine.

She makes dolls. Amazing, beautiful dolls. These guys stormed the whole Wylde Kingdom and we have doll meetups sometimes, just so all of our awesome Angel Children dolls can play together.

I knew I needed to bring home a new doll for my personal collection (though we ordered a bunch for the store too).

Her official name is Gretchen, I think. I don't know what her name name is yet. I haven't gotten to know her that well.

But she was made by the actual, honest to goodness, Ethel Hicks. I think she was surprised I wanted to meet her, but as Wendy told her "You make dolls. You're a creator of dolls. To a doll, that makes you a pretty big deal."

She was super nice too.

And then we got so busy I didn't take any more pictures. But I have more to show you about day 4. I'll get that updated tomorrow!


- Miri


  1. The Angel Children Dolls are beautiful! Besides that, they look easy to round up and too small to take over!

    What a fun trip!

  2. Oh, that looks like so much fun! And how neat that you got to meet the artist who makes your favourite dolls! :)