Thursday, September 26, 2013

A New House in the Kingdom: JoAnne's House (Pt 3)

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Lots of stairs in this house, but totally worth it. The 2nd floor is just as nice as the 1st. A little dusting and touch up and this place is going to be AMAZING!

Oooh, a little balcony. I'll bet this is a lot nicer in daylight.

More lovely stairs. I love the carpeting.

Hello, huge master bedroom. My gosh, this room is bigger than my whole camper!

Fireplaces were apparently JoAnne's thing, and sconces.

Oh yeah! So about that history thing. Yeah!

Okay, so this house ended up in the Wylde Kingdom because a nice lady called Norm's and said she had a house she needed to find a home for.

The house had been built about 30 years ago by her mother and father, when they decided they needed a project to do together.

It took them about 5 years to finish.

Her mom loved this house, and she traveled all over the world to find beautiful things to put in it. 

Sadly, he mom passed away a while ago. The house came all the way here from North Carolina, but all of the furnishings were stolen on the way here. The daughter has had it in her garage for a while, but is now moving to a 1 bedroom apartment, and can't take the house with her. She was so sad to let it go.

She said she couldn't just sell it on Craigslist to a stranger, and not know what would happen to it. She couldn't give it to a thrift store. So she called Norm's because she figured they'd know just the right home for the house.

And did they.

MY home!

So we've been calling it "The Equinox House" because it moved in on the Equinox and changed everything (more about that later), but we're going to get a little metal plaque made for it that says "JoAnne's Place" and put it by the front door. Like a historical marker. It just seems like the right thing to do.

So back to the tour, then.

Of course, off of the master bedroom would be the master bath. Bathroom number two, for those of you counting. Very nice.

This really is a great house, and it would be great to live here.

But look at all this space!

What a fun little play room!

I wonder if any pixies lived here before? I wonder if this is their baby?

Hmm, no lights in the nanny's room. Good to know. Any night cleaning, I'd better bring a lantern or something.

This would be the perfect place for Gus and Salome. They have their little guy, Hugh, now you know.

And since it takes gnomes FOREVER to age (which is why Salome is so beautiful), he'll be a baby for a long time. What a perfect room to be a baby in.

I think they'll love the baby's room.

Well, I'll ask them about it, for sure! Third and last floor (which is good. It's been a lot of stairs!) Are you ready?

Then let's go!

- Miri

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  1. How sad that the furnishings were stolen and that the lady couldn't keep it, but how wonderful that it found a good place to move to! A fabulous house and an enjoyable tour.

  2. Wonderful that the house will continue to be loved. Amazing house and so well made! Ah, I did not know gnomes took forever to age. Good to know, it explains a lot :-)

  3. Oh my, that house has tons of room!!!

    It was so nice to know about the background of the house. The poor lady must have been so devastated when the furniture was stolen. :(

    I can see the dollhouse has found a great home though!