Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New House in the Kingdom: JoAnne's House (Pt 2)

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Oooh, it is awesome. A little dusting and some wood polish and this room is going to be GORGEOUS!

Oh wow, these stairs are GORGEOUS! I wonder what's up there? Oooh.

I mean, patience, Grasshopper. We'll check out the second floor after we're done with the first. Sheesh!

The living room, I'd guess. Another beautiful room, with handmade curtains, even!

And look at this mantle and that CLOCK! This place is unbelievable.

Bathroom number one, I presume. Wendy said there are 3 bathrooms in this house. THREE of them!  Can you imagine?

Bath with a view, I guess. Lots of windows...

This house is completely awesome. Seriously. Awesome.

Wendy said I could have it, you know. I get first dibs on any new house that comes in. Since I'm head pixie and all.

Even if I wasn't totally in love with my Lace House, though, this still wouldn't be my house.

Oh, it's not that it's not incredible or anything.

It's huge! See, this must be the dining room. Which means...

... this must be...

... the super, gigantic, kitchen. Too. Huge. A. House.

For just me, anyway. This house needs a couple! A FAMILY! And I know just the people!

I'm thinking Gus and Salome and their little guy. Wouldn't it be perfect? Don't they deserve the PERFECT house?

See, they've been in a bunch of houses that weren't enough room for the two of them, much less the baby. And when they were offered the Creepy Sisters HUGE house, Salome said there was a "shadow" in the house and didn't want to live there.

But I think she's going to LOVE the history of this one! How could you not? Right?

OH! The history! I haven't told you yet! Duh!

Sounds like a fine tale for the second floor! I'll tell you upstairs. Yeah, there are THREE floors to this place. Did I mention it's HUGE?

Second floor, here we come! Up he gorgeous staircase! Up! Up! Up!

- Miri

To be continued....

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  1. Wow, you are not kidding! That is really a HUGE house! Five rooms across? In dollhouse terms- that is a mansion!
    It is really stunning, and when it is all cleaned and polished, it will be just gorgeous.
    You are right though, it would make a great family home. Gus and Salome would be a perfect fit.
    Can't wait to read about the history and to see the rest of the house!
    Thanks Miranda,

  2. Wowser, what a house! I'd move in, in a house like that. My ancestors are crowding me :-). You sure keep us in suspense!!!

  3. What a great house, it is huge and so lovely as well. You certainly like keeping us in suspense! Oops, I see I am not the first to say that, so must be true! ;-)

  4. Love the facepalm! And watching the carpet laying, and dreaming of all the outfitting. I must agree, Miri, this would be a great family home.

  5. Hello from Spain: this house is a mansion. How great. I like the curtains. All rooms are beautiful. Nice pictures .. Keep in touch

  6. Wow!! What a large house! I think you are right, and it would definitely suit a family. :D