Sunday, September 22, 2013

A New House in the Kingdom: JoAnne's House (Pt 1)

Mr. Thorne FINALLY got his new and improved Green Elephant moved into the Wylde Kingdom, just waiting to be finished. And we've got all the stuff for it. And then... something came up.

Something big.

Something HUGE!

Something so ginormous, Madera can't go far enough back to photograph the whole thing and still keep me in focus! That's HUGE!!!!

I have to tell you, when Wendy told me that she was bringing home a house with a really neat past, this really wasn't what I was expecting.

Anyway, she said that even though it's kind of dusty from hanging out in a garage for a while, I could still take a look if I wanted to. And of COURSE I want to! Don't you? Let's go!!!

Okay, Wendy said there was a light switch or something just inside the door... it should be... EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!


*snicker* Just kidding. There's no monster. Totally got you. *snort* Monster. I DID, however, find the light switch.

Cool, huh? Wendy said the wiring is 30 years old, and it still WORKS! That's pretty amazing.

Let's check it out! After you.

Oh, wait *snicker* I'd better go first. Ya know, in case there are *snicker* monsters.

*snort* Monsters. You are too funny! Come on in... this is going to be awesome!

- Miri

Click here for Part 2 - JoAnne's House (Pt 2)


  1. Wow, Miranda! That is some house. It IS huge! I cannot wait to see the inside. It looks really fascinating. Shouldn't joke around about monsters, some old houses, well, you know....
    Anyway, looking forward to the tour!

  2. That looks like it is one amazing house! Looking forward to seeing inside...just hope you don't get eaten by the *snicker* monsters!

  3. Really pretty! And big! Can't wait to see the inside. :o)

  4. LOL I'm glad there weren't really monsters! It looks like a really intersting house...I'm looking forward to seeing the inside. :D

  5. Hey Isabelle! I can't get over the size of this place. And it just wandered into the Wylde Kingdom. Amazing!

    So far, no monsters. But I'll let you know. Unless, you know, I get eaten. :)

    Hi Serenata! It is pretty amazing. I'm still stunned by it all. Neat place. So far, no monsters. It's a good thing. :)

    Hey Bama! Yes and yes! Coming soon, pictures from inside. Promise. And then, cleanup! Wait 'til you see how dusty this place is. It needs a little help, but it's going to be awesome.

    Thanks, Randomfish, me too. It's a really interesting place. We are so lucky it's here. And I'll tell you more about it soon!

  6. Now that is some house! Those things never seem to wander in my realm, which maybe isn't a bad thing. I mean, where would I and time-share cat live seeing that my realm isn't a very big one.

    Looking forward to seeing the inside and discovering its secret. Don't all old houses carry a secret?

    Until then, I have some serious catching up to do, you've been blogging since 2006! * poors herself another coffee and gets stuck in * Nice meeting you and I'll add you too!

  7. WOW! Your Cuz Trilby, here, is filled with chartreuse envy! Uh, make that chartreuse envy with huge nile green measles!