Sunday, February 22, 2009

Picture Day - Pt 1

(Wendy's "Office")

Lenore: *quietly, to self* Oh... Henry seems so nice.

Wendy: Hey, Lenore. Whatcha doin'?

Lenore: Oh! Hi Miss Wendy!

Lenore: I was reading Tarja's "Kitty and Riddick" stories on Flickr. She tells stories with her toys like we do!

Wendy: I've read her stuff. She's a good writer.

Lenore: Yeah, I got caught up to part 5 while I was waiting for you.

Wendy: Waiting for me?

Lenore: Yeah, you said today was picture day.

Wendy: Oh, but Lenore...

Lenore: So I've just been waiting so we could start. The daylight is really nice...

Wendy: But... Lenore...

Lenore: What?

Wendy: Lenore, I wasn't going to take pictures of YOU today, I was...

Lenore: Yeah, I know. Pictures of dolls from work who need homes. Poor things.

Wendy: Well, yeah. That's the plan.

Lenore: Good, because I brought my camera so I can help you. I'd like to help them find homes too. And I take pretty good pictures.

Wendy: OH! Well, okay. You do take good pictures.

Lenore: Hold my camera, please. So I can put on my coat.

Wendy: Sure.

Lenore: Someday I want to do a doll blog like you and Tarja do, but I want to help you take pictures today while I think about it.

Wendy: Well however I can help with the blog, I'm happy to. Do you know who it'd be about?

Lenore: Not sure yet. But I'll figure it out. First things first, and we're going to help homeless dolls find homes! Shall we?

Wendy: Sure!