Monday, February 23, 2009

Picture Day - Pt 2

Lenore: So, where are our models?

Wendy: I asked them to meet us at the Hollow, where we'll be doing the shoot.

Lenore: Oh, okay.

Wendy: You know, I could help you into the car.

Lenore: No thank you, I've got it.

Lenore: Now let's GO!

Lenore: *quietly* Is that them?

Wendy: I hope so, because if there are five OTHER dolls hanging around the Hollow, that's just plain weird.

Lenore: *snort*

Lenore: Hello everyone!

Models: Hello!
The Photosessions

The blonde Binu said she just didn't feel like this was the right setting for her, and that she'd have to talk to her agent about doing outdoor shoots. Lenore said that she'd find a better setting for her and that Lenore's agent would talk to Binu's agent.

All in all, I think Lenore had a very successful first day of photographing other dolls. She and April seemed to hit it off. After everyone else was gone, and I was packing everything up, they went for a walk.

When it was time to go, I called them away from watching the ducks on the lake, and Lenore and I went home. :)

Lenore was very quiet the whole ride home, but I figure she's just exhausted. It was a big day!