Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House-sitting - #1

(Evening... at friend's house... where Wendy is housesitting for the next week)

Wendy: Ugh... well, I guess I'll finish unpacking after I've fed the dog. (walking away)

(muffled voices) Oof!

Miranda: Oh man... I guess at least they were CLEAN socks... I'm not riding home in this bag after she's worn them though, that's for sure.

Lenore: Well, Montana, I wonder where we are. She said something about house sitting. Well, we'll update the blog about it and...

Lenore: MIRANDA!?

Miranda: LENORE?! Where on Earth have you BEEN? Since the Fall we've all been...

Wendy: Lenore?! Miranda?! What are you doing in my bags?!

Miranda: You didn't think I'd let you go off on a trip without ME did you? Who would update the blog?

Lenore: I didn't want you to be lonely without a Companion, and I figured you'd be really busy so that I should update the blog for you.

Wendy: *sigh* Well, you're here now. And you can BOTH update the blog for me. Goodness knows I haven't done it lately.

Miranda: *quietly* yeah, spending all your time with that stupid Spooky....

Wendy: Lenore, we need to call Simona right away. I'm sure you've got her worried sick! Wandering off like this.

Lenore: I'm sorry, Miss Wendy.

Miranda: *snicker*

Wendy: Miri! You are no better. Does Misha know where you are? He's been your roommate long enough, he'll think you're in trouble somewhere!

Miranda: Well... maybe but...

Wendy: All right you two. I guess we're all here for the duration, and you two can update the blog while I'm at work. But promise me no wandering around the house on your own. There's a huge dog that lives here and a cat too. I don't know what they think of dolls. Promise?

Miranda & Lenore: Promise.

Wendy: Good. I'm going to go start dinner. I'll come back and get you when it's done, okay?

Miranda & Lenore: Okay.

(Wendy leaves)

Lenore: Looks like a big house.

Miranda: Yep. Guess we'll find out tomorrow, while Wendy's at work.

Lenore: Tomorrow?

Miranda: Yeah, when we go exploring....