Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Secret Birthday Present

(Lenore typing)

Lenore: Hmmm.... probably to the store would be best. (typing)

Calla: *yawn* Lenore, your typing woke me up. What are you typing this early in the morning.

Lenore: *whispering* I was talking to a friend, she lives very far away so the time is different. It's a surprise, and a secret.

Calla: A secret!?

Lenore: Shhhh. Yes, a secret and Louisa can't find out. No one can.

Calla: I don't think Miss Simona is going to like you talking to secret, far away friends on the internet very much.

Lenore: Come up here so we can whisper and I'll tell you everything. Miss Simona is going to like her a lot, so is Miss Wendy. Come on.

Calla: *whispering* Okay, so who is she?

Lenore: *whispering* Her screenname is JazzyBabe72, but her real name is Sam. And she's just gotten out of college and looking to relocate. I've talked her into coming here, and living with us.

Calla: You can't just invite people to move in with us, Lenore!

Lenore: SHHHH!!! She's a doll, like us. And she's going to be Miss Wendy's birthday present.

Calla: Really? Uh, aren't there plenty of dolls here already?

Lenore: Everyone here has a companion. I have you. Miss Simona has Ahma. Even Miss Wendy's dogs have each other.

Calla: But Louisa...

Lenore: Doesn't count. I was going to try to bring that nice April girl to live here, but she found a home already.

Calla: That was inconsiderate.

Lenore: *snort* Anyway, Miss Wendy's been missing having a travel companion, someone to ride around in her purse and go places.

Calla: We could do that, though.

Lenore: We'd break, and that's why she doesn't take us many places. Not like she did Mr. Gage. Sam is made of the same stuff Mr. Gage was, she won't break, and Miss Wendy can carry her around in her purse and have a companion again.

Calla: Well, she has missed Mr. Gage a lot. Wow, that'll be a great present.

Calla: Uh, but how do you know they're going to get along?

Lenore: They have a LOT in common. They both love music. And comic books. And photography. And dolls. And dogs. Believe me, I asked Sam a lot of questions, they're going to get along great!

Calla: Did you ask her about riding around in a purse everywhere? It's kind of scrunchy in there.

Lenore: Nah, they can work out the travel logistics when Sam arrives. She wants to travel, Miss Wendy wants a travel companion, they'll work it out. But I'm sure Sam will love riding around in Miss Wendy's purse. Mr. Gage did.

Calla: You're pretty smart, Lenore.

Lenore: *sigh* I try. I think, if no one finds out about this and spoils it, this might be the best birthday present in the history of birthdays.

Calla: Wow! So when will Sam be here?

Lenore: Miss Wendy's birthday is on April 19th, so a few weeks from now. Sam is mailing herself right away, so she should be here in plenty of time.

Calla: WOW! A new friend for us! A new friend for Miss Wendy! This'll be a great birthday! Good job, Lenore!

Lenore: Thanks, and SHHHH!