Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grounded Forever

I am in so much trouble.

Well, it was a really grand birthday present. But, I am told that you can't just invite strange people to come all the way across the country and move in. Even if they're doll people. Well, _I_ can't anyway. Though Sam is very nice, and she and Miss Wendy seem to get along wonderfully. Even though Sam is rather a different sort of doll. More different than I'd thought.

I should've asked her about riding around in Miss Wendy's purse. I should have. I didn't. Ah well.

Calla was right, Miss Simona did not like that I had been talking to secret friends on the internet. And so, after sending this post, my internet privileges are revoked. Probably forever, to hear Miss Simona tell it. We shall see.

I told her that I needed to let you, the blog readers, know what had happened. And if you don't hear from me in a month or so, please have the doll police come look for me, because I'm probably locked in a box in the basement in need of rescue.

Miss Simona is awfully mad.

And now you know what happened.

- Lenore