Friday, January 17, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 12 - 17

More pictures from my "One Object 365 Days" project. So far, so good! I'm going to keep posting them here 6 pictures at a time, so no one gets Snuffied out.

012 - Snuffy is a Hustler! I'm pretty sure I just got hustled by my toy elephant. No, you can NOT push them into the holes with your trunk, Snuffy!

013 - Little Snuffy on the Prairie. I think Snuffy would like a house, but this isn't going to be it. Olga and Hemet, the actual owners of this beautiful log cabin (made by me) look not too thrilled about having an elephant in their yard. Relax, Snuffy, I'm working on it.

014 - Dance By the Light of the Full Snuffy!

This didn't really come out how I wanted it to. But it's too cold to keep going outside and trying. And it wasn't until I uploaded it that I noticed that the moon is sitting exactly on Snuffy's butt (two full moons!) It wasn't on purpose. I was shivering too much to really place Snuffy.

Anyway, there ya go. Hopefully this will be the coldest picture of the project, 'cause I about died. Brrr.

015 - HEY! Snuffy, that's Bean's dinner!

016 - It's been a rough day. I felt like poop all day. So this isn't exactly inspired, but I give you "Last Snuffy on the Stairway" ("I don't remember quite how I met you wasn't long ago...")

017 - Brave Pilot Snuffy, ready for takeoff on the super awesome new Norm's Dollhouse nano quadcopter. This thing is seriously awesome. But I think I may need to make Snuffy a parachute... just in case.

And now you're all caught up until the next 6 photos! 

 - Miri


  1. Wonderful dolls house, beautiful photos.

    Xenis Dolls

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm glad you like them. And your dolls are AMAZING! So beautiful!