Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 6 - 11

Continuing on with this "One Object 365 Days" project thingy. I post the pictures to my Facebook every day, but a lot of my favorite people don't read Facebook, so I can share my pictures with them here. I'm going to post 6 pictures at a time, so you don't get over Snuffied.

So here's Day 6 through Day 11!

006/365 - Move over Swiffer! Now there's the Snuffy! A mop with all the cleaning power of a tiny toy pachyderm!

007/365 - Today has been just a stupid, wretched day. So Snuffy is seriously thinking that tomorrow, he's just not going to bother getting out of bed at all. I think he may have the right idea. Bleah.

008/365 - Midnight Snack for Snuffy. I almost forgot to take my "One Object 365 Days" photo today. Lucky for me, I caught Snuffy trying to sneak himself a midnight snack. That isn't where I keep the peanuts, buddy.

009/365 - In-A-Gadda-Da-Snuffy, baby. Don't you know that I love you?

010 - Back Home at the Equinox. Since the Green Elephant is moving to Norm's Dollhouse for awhile, we're back at the Equinox. I think Bean isn't so sure what to make of Snuffy. Play nice, you two!

011 - Tale of Two Elephants. Snuffy standing on the front window of the Green Elephant.

Snuffy is a total cutie, and I am having so much fun, but carrying around a toy all the time to photograph is a little weird. Isn't it? I dunno. But it's a lot of fun, so I guess I don't really care if people look at me weird. Whatever. 

- Miri


  1. I don't do Facebook, so I am loving the fact that you are posting the pictures here on your blog.
    Oh my, the Snuffy Swiffer made me laugh. Just too cute!

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I want a Snuffy swiffer too :-). And that picture of Snuffy with the fridge is so cute!

  3. Oh Man I have been sick so I missed all about this 365 thingy - Great Items and had to snort at that Snuffy Swiffer too :)

  4. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I read the story about prince Marius (every episode), your storytelling and photographs are so amazing, I don't know how you do it. I still have to read the rest, but this was so, so great to read!!! I was totally in the world you created. Can't wait to do more catching up!

  5. I am really enjoying seeing your pictures here! I thought I might try to do the photo challenges... but am SO Slow to start!!!

  6. Oh! And your mini fridge has a Light inside???? Fantastic!!! I have so much catching up to do....!

  7. You guys are so sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog and Miri's 365 project.

    A lot of Miri's favorite people don't use Facebook, so this seemed like a great way for them to enjoy Snuffy too.

    Daydreamer, start whenever and just go with it! Photo challenges should be FUN never stressful. :)

    Nymphaea, I'm so glad you enjoyed Marius' story. There are a lot of unfinished/half finished stories all over the blog. But they were an awful lot of fun to do. My world is smaller now (just tinies and dollhouses for the most part), but some of the big dolls were a lot of fun to play with and get to know. It seems like so long ago! I'm glad you liked it, though. Thank you for telling me that you did. It means a lot. :)

    Poor Tiggy. I'm sorry you've been sick. And there's no plan at this time to put the Snuffy Mops into production, since there's only one Snuffy, but we'll see what we can do. :)