Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One Object 365 Days Project 2014: Days 18 - 23

Six more Snuffy pictures, coming your way!

018 - Snuffy Checks Out the Old House. One of the things we do at Norm's Dollhouse is fix up old houses. This one is very special. It belongs to a nice lady named Michelle. It was made for her 40 years ago, and now she wants to fix it up for HER little girl. This, we can help with. Snuffy wonders what memories this room holds, what secrets and smiles are remembered by the wallpaper? And what new adventures and stories will become in this room once the new wallpaper is up.

It's a neat house. I think Snuffy will be back for more photos here.

019 - Snuffy Pickup Lines. " Hey baby. What's up? You look a little blue."

020 - Snuffy in the Book Group.

You know what's weird? Reading the Hitty book with a couple of Hitty dolls. You know what makes it even weirder? When your toy elephant wants to join too.

021 - The Snuffy Stands Alone

Snuffy is a pretty independent elephant. There are other toys his size around here, but he mostly keeps to himself. I think it's because he was the lone elephant in a Noah's Ark playset. Everyone else was in pairs, Snuffy had to learn to be on his own.

It's made him the tough but gentle loner that he is today. Rock on, Snuffy.

022 - Snuffy's Very Scary Friend

She's actually not all that scary, really. She's very sweet. For being a skeleton. I guess. Anyway, her name is Skelita Calveras, and our friend Jeanie helped her find her way here.

Seems like a nice kid. Too big to stay with me in the Equinox house. We'll find somewhere for her, though. And a sandwich. Someone find that girl a sandwich!

023 - Snuffy Reads Comics.

I think Snuffy has found his favorite comic book. It's Circus Comics, of course.

I am so far behind on this 365 thing, I seriously thought about giving up. It was my roommate who pointed out that while the project would be 365 pictures, it could take me longer than a year if it needed to. She talked me out of giving up. So here I am taking the photo for day 23 on the 28th day of the year. *shrug*

Snuffy's just too cute to stop taking pictures of. You just never know what he'll get up to next!


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Hi, don't give up! You can do it! Snuffy's pick up line is hilarious :-D, very funny pictures and comments too.

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Very funny. I see your doll Monsters .. Keep in touch

  3. LOL great post. I love Snuffy!! So sad that he was alone, which on Noah's ark makes no sense at all by the way!
    And yes, Skelita is definitely not McDonald's new campaign girl :-)

  4. I am Super Loving Snuffy;s adventures, every picture just shows how incredibly creative and tender you are - seeing Snuffy with the ripped wallpaper looks so precious - Please do keep this Snuffy series, and maybe make a book of it? I so hope you do :)