Monday, October 15, 2012

Finishing Up and Aspen's Secret

We arrived bright an early at Norm's Dollhouse on Saturday, to finish decorating Wightwick Manor.

So early, in fact, no one was there to let us in! So we just admired the houses through the window and waited.

Aspen got right to work with the pumpkins we're going to use as "do not enter" markers.

We figure everyone will understand you don't cross the pumpkins. We're trying to keep all the pixies on one floor. Just too much house to try keeping track of them upstairs and downstairs.

More garland, with spooky, purple ghosts!

We took a look at our handiwork, and even though there's a little more to do (we need to get a few more supplies first) we're pretty pleased with how it all came out.

I think it's going to be a great party. I really do.

Ophelia was kind enough to loan us two of her spiders, so we set them loose to web the place up a bit, and then we wandered away to leave them to it.

So Aspen had me meet her at the blue cottage, to tell me her secret. It turns out, Aspen has an ability no other pixie I've ever met has...

She makes soap! I've never met a pixie soap maker before! And WOW does she make soap! These are beautiful!

They fit right in your hand. So pretty! And her secret is not only that she makes soap, but that she's been selling them for about a week out of Norm's! The sneak! She didn't even tell me! THEY didn't even tell me!

Someday she wants to have her own shop, but for now she's under exclusive contract with Norm's Dollhouse. She said she's got a friend who makes something like soap, only delicious. Which I cannot even imagine, but she wouldn't give me more details. I'll let you know once she does. I'm looking forward to seeing what delicious, soap like stuff turns out to be.

- Miri


  1. How sweet! I have been trying to guess Aspen's secret for days and would have never guessed it! LOL! The little boxes of soaps are adorable!

  2. Gorgeous soap! That spider part was scary and fun! xo Jennifer

  3. Lovely post!
    *The giant spiders are scary.

  4. Hey Bama! Me neither. Who knew? A soap making pixie? She doesn amazing work, I think. Now I kind of want to take a bath. :)

    Hey Plushpussycat! I'll let Aspen know you think so. And yeah, the spiders... they're interesting.

    Hi Eliana! Thank you! I find them a little spooky too, honestly. Which is why we left after they were loose on the house. Hopefully they will have done some awesome, web decorating for us when we get in tomorrow! I'll let you know. :)

  5. The little boxes of soap are wonderful. Beautiful colors. Great spiders lol.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Those are beautiful little soaps, and the decorations are lovely. :D

  7. Thank you, Maria! I think that Aspen really enjoys doing them. They're lavender and rose, which is really lovely. And yeah, the spiders are spiffy. I don't care to be all THAT close to them, but they're helpful. Can't wait to see what they've done with decorating the manor tomorrow!

    Thanks, Randomfish! It's been a lot of fun! Just a tiny bit more to do and we'll be ready to PAR-TAY! :)