Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miranda and Green Elephant - Pt 2

(When we last left Miranda, she was trying to figure out how to get into the Green Elephant...)

 *There's another door around the back!*

*drat! It's locked too! Sad to see a business so paranoid they have to keep their doors locked all the time.*

*sigh... but there has to be a way in. I'll pay for the bird. I'll leave a note. I'll... hey.*

*I could pay for a window too...*

 *Okay... here we go, Ixie. We'll take the bird, leave a note with the money for the window and the bird and go home.*

*No one is around... no one will know... they brought it on themselves by never being open!*

Male Voice: Miranda?

Miranda: EEP! Oh... hey! Mr. Thorne! Hi there!

Thorne: Hi, Miri. Lovely morning, isn't it?

Miranda: Yes, yes. Um...Mr. Thorne, I've been admiring everything in this store through the windows, but they're never open! Do you know who owns it?

Thorne: As a matter of fact, I do! And you have great timing.

Miranda: I do?

Thorne: You do! This is MY store, and it's now open! Welcome! Please come right in, you're our first customer!

Miranda: *whispering* I'd say that Mr. Thorne is the one with great timing. So um... don't tell him about the rock, okay? Thanks. Shhhh.


  1. Mr. Thorne, you should put in a security system, someone tried to break in! Not that I know who...

  2. Whew! That was a close call! Mr. Thorne is pretty hunky, I'd say! What will happen next?! xo Jennifer

  3. Hahahahahaha! Glad it worked out that Miri got in without breaking & entering! :o)

  4. LOL Oh no! Thank goodness Mr Thorne didn't come along just a few minutes later!

  5. The Pixie Goddess is definitely watching over you, Cuz! That was close.

  6. Close call there, Miri. You might have wanted to borrow our Time Turner if you had broken the window and not managed to get in, say Mr. Turner had turned up after breaking it. Just saying we have one if you ever need it. LOL But at least now you can get that bird. Hoorah!

  7. Ack, I commented on this post earlier but apparently the post didn't go through! I'm so glad that Mr Thorne is back :D Other than Miri, he is my favorite little pixie from Miranda Wandering. So glad Miri didn't make a hole through the window of his shop, that would have been major trouble!

  8. Wow...I was scared for you Miranda! I didn't want you to get thrown in jail,just as we were becoming friends!
    I'm so happy you get your birdy now.