Sunday, July 14, 2013

A New Pixie Business Owner

Miranda: Howdy. Just hangin' out. Waiting for someone. Nice to see you too, though.

Miranda: So things are getting back to normal in the Kingdom. A lot of the pixies have come back already, and more seem to come out of hiding every day.

Miranda: Sebastian and Eris are back, and have taken over the potion shop again.

Miranda: I have no idea what exactly they're doing in there, but they'll open up for business when they're ready, right? Right.

Miranda: Oh, and then there's this little business too.

Miranda: I think it's going to be a florist shop of some kind. I know just the right pixie to run it, but I figure I'll tell her she's a new business owner after it's finished being built.

Miranda: But neither of these two businesses are why I'm hanging around here. There's ANOTHER business ready to open, and I know just the pixie to run it and I think she'll really like the idea.

Miranda: And here she is!

Miranda: You guys know Tabby, right?

Tabby: Hello.

Miranda: So this is it. What I was telling you about on the phone. Your very own business! And you're perfect to run it!

Tabby: Um... what kind of business?

Miranda: Toy shop. Toy shop and a doll and teddy bear hospital upstairs. You're perfect! No one knows more about teddy bears than you do. You even speak Bearglish!

Tabby: Hmm... my own toy store. And a bear hospital!

Miranda: Yeah, she likes the idea. I thought she would.  See ya later!

- Miri


  1. So cool, Cuz! You're brilliant. Tabby will be perfect.

  2. Yay Tabby! That sounds like fun. It's certainly a cute shop. Wow you speak Bearish, erm Bearglish? I speak to the sides spideez, but the bears? Nope, not unless they speak Vamplish.

    So the pixies are returning? That's good news. We've been overrun by the big heads here. I'm going to mutiny soon. If another one turns up, I'm going to bite my guardian. That'll teach her.

    Glad you're back, Miri. I need a jointed friend to natter to. Hugs

  3. A toy shop, how exciting! And I must say, what a gorgeous little structure that is!
    Glad to see the pixies returning, and businesses being established.
    (I almost have my Realtor's certificate, and will soon be whipping Oak Leaf Forest into shape too.)

  4. How fun! Every village needs a toy shop & hospital! Congrats to Tabby!

  5. If Tabby needs some tiny ones, let me know I have a few here who could use a good home. All artist made or look to be.

  6. You are certainly keeping busy!

  7. Hello from Spain: I like the front of the toy store. Awesome. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  8. Hey Ann! Thanks! I think so too!

    Tabby is fluent in Bearglish, but I don't think she can speak to spiders. Vamplish sounds like it might be complicated. All these languages! It's amazing pixie kind communicates with each other at all!

    And yeah, little by little, they're coming out of hiding. It's a good thing. The clothespins are okay, nothing to bite a guardian over. I can see why people would like them, I guess. I dunno

    I'm glad I'm back too. I missed chatting with you. *hugs*

    Isabelle, thank you! Congratulations on achieving your Realtor's Certificate and starting on Oak Leaf Forest! I can't wait to see how it all goes!

    Bama, you're right! Next we probably need a hospital. And a mechanic, just in case my Jeep breaks down. :)

    Marie, noted! I will send you a private message on Facebook!

    Hey Lou Whoish, every time I mention that I'm working pretty hard for a pixie who just got home from vacation, Wendy mutters something about "No rest for the wicked." or something like that. Hmm.

    Hi Marta! Thank you!