Saturday, July 06, 2013

Home Home - Or All About Eve

So the other night, when I had that awful nightmare, I never, EVER would've guessed I'd be blogging to you from here today.

I'm home! Like HOME home. In my house!

Can you believe it? Here's how it all happened.


 Harley and I scouted out C&M hoping for some coffee.

The place was deserted but strangely tidy.

Harley thought she could get the espresso machine going, and I wandered upstairs to see if anything was up with the books.

It was also strangely organized and picked up.

It even appeared that someone had been re-stocking! So the clothespins don't like potion shops, but they do like books and coffee?  Weird.

 We had just settled in to enjoy Harley's delicious espresso making goodness, when in she walked. 

 Head clothespin herself: Eve Woodley.

 She startled us. I admit it. Harley busted out some kind of Pigjitsu ninja martial arts stance.

I didn't even know she KNEW Pigjitsu.

Thankfully, her martial arts skills were unnecessary. Eve apologized for startling us, and told us she had been hoping the pixies would come back someday. And here we were! I nearly fell over from shock. 

Turns out, just like I've been reading the Woodlee blog, Eve had been reading MY blog. She was really curious about the dolls who had lived here before, and she was so glad to see us! And she's a big fan of my blog! She got all gushy about meeting "THE Miranda". Huh.

She's super nice. Who knew? (Well, I guess all the people on Facebook telling me that the Woodlees were nice knew. But it was a surprise to me. Okay?) Anyway, she's coming over for dinner tomorrow night!

Uh... I guess maybe I should see about getting some living room furniture. And maybe some groceries.

- Miri


  1. How wonderful that things are working out so well!

  2. Miri,
    I am so glad to see you back!

  3. So glad things are going well. All of you will be the best of friends in no time. :o)

  4. Well, that didn't go the way I expected. I thought you were going to get those clothes pegs to WORK? Isn't that what they're for? Mind you, these two seem to be out more than their home. I suppose peace is better than war... if you're a pixie and I'm really glad you're home. Maybe I should rethink my strategy and befriend these clothespegs.... then they would work for free, right? Ooops, the Hoomahn is coming, I'm off. Catchya laterz.

  5. Oh Man Miranda, Its so Awesome to see you Romping about again!

  6. Welcome home! Glad things are going well. What do Woodlees eat I wonder?

  7. Oh I forgot, pigjitsu? Oh my, I nearly fell off my chair laughing so hard! Brilliant!